तुम और मैं

तुम और मैं

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I don’t worship and I’m called an atheist, but I share a special bond with my God, which makes me see Him more as a friend than a Superpower. My special connection with the Almighty gets stronger despite all criticism of not being a believer. This poem portrays my special connect with Him.

tum aur main

तुम !
निखिल विश्व, प्रकृति विस्तार
अनादि, अनंत, सच्चिदानंद !
तुम्हारी तुलना में मेरा अस्तित्व ही क्या?
तुम तो हो ज्ञान के पारावार
तुम्हारी मात्र एक बिन्दु
मेरे डूबने, तिरने और परितृप्त होने को
पर्याप्त नहीं क्या?
तुम्हारी वह बिन्दु सुलभ है
सबके लिए,
तुम्हारी साधना का द्वार खुला है सबके लिए


मैं !
” तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय: ” का मंत्र लिए
तुम !
आलोकित करते वह पथ सबके लिए
मैं !
परिस्थितियों का लाभ उठाना जानती नहीं शायद
या भाग्य की प्रवंचना ?
या फिर मुझमे सामर्थ्य ही नहीं इतना कि
मैं उस पारावार से,
ज्ञान के खारे सागर से,
एक बिन्दु पाकर परितृप्त हो सकूँ |
तुम !
असीम सत्ता होकर भी
कर नहीं पते मुझको खुद में एकाकार |
मैं !
वेदांत के मोक्ष से मुझे क्या सरोकार ?
बुद्ध का निर्वाण भी मेरे लिए बेकार
तुम !
शायद बनना नहीं चाहते
मीरा के ‘गिरिधर नागर’
मैं !
मैं भी तुम में नहीं चाहती
महादेवी के ‘अज्ञात प्रियतम ‘ की छवि |
एक तुच्छ अभिलाषा मेरी — सुरसंधान
तुम्हारी वीणा के तारों पर चढ़कर
मन्द्र सप्तक की गहराईयों से
तार सप्तक की ऊंचाइयों तक
एक अनंत यात्रा
जिसके यात्री आत्मलीन हो
रागों और रागिनियों की सीढ़ी पर
चढ़े जा रहे
आत्मलीन, तल्लीन
सिर्फ तुम और मैं !

— संगीता मिश्रा

  • Shaan

    bohot khoob likha hai aur kafi umda sabdon ka samavesh huva hai is rachna mey padh kar bohot acha laga khas kar aakhri pankti
    आत्मलीन, तल्लीन
    सिर्फ तुम और मैं !
    aagaz se lekar anjaam tak ke safar ko aur bhi bhaari shabdon se badhaya gaya hai aur ye sabse anokhi vastu is kavita ki sangitaji aapka khoob khoob aabhar hame is rachna se waakif karane hetu 🙂 shukriya

    • Aapke shabdon ke liye bahut-bahut dhanyawaad Shaan. Aapne itne dhyan se meri rachna ko padha aur prashansha ki , iske liye anek aabhar. TSS. per aapka swagat hai. Aap isi prakaar meri rachnaon ko padhte rahein aur apne vichar vyakt karein.

      Anek Dhanyawaad. 🙂

  • Anjali Sengar

    Awesome poem mam 🙂

  • A perfect verse to begin my day with, beautifully composed as ever 🙂

    • Thank you so much Dear Roma. Your words mean a lot. Your appreciation makes me humble. 🙂

  • This one speaks of spirituality, Sangeetaji 🙂 beautiful!!

  • You have opened up the spiritual door with a beautiful poem. In order to be connected with Indiblogger, we need to have internet connection. A person cannot be alcoholic without touching wine, cannot be workaholic without any work, cannot be a cook without a passion or interest in cooking. Similarly, prayers bring us closer to our Creator and I hope Purba too will agree on this.

    • Thank you so much for giving my poem a new meaning. I never thought of before, but now it seems kind of prayer for me after reading your comment. Your metaphorically resonant examples say it clear. The way you have portrayed the whole concept, is indeed very appealing. I too believe, Purba and all other people here would agree with you. Thanks a lot. 🙂

      • Thank you so much Sangeeta for your kind understanding. Being in touch with the Creator is not just by prayers alone. Everything that we do is being communicated to the Creator. The good that we do resonates with his favors and we do get punished for the bad things we do. This is how he understands us.

        • Very thoughtful and profound Mr. Pasha. Truly said, keeping our souls as pure as we can keeps us connected with Him. And we can practice the salvation of our souls by this way only.
          Thank you so much for expressing you deep thoughts on TSS. means a lot.

  • Matheikal

    Atheists are the genuine seekers. The depth of your spiritual quest is manifest in your poetry. Best wishes. One day your atheism will acquire a special meaning for you.

    • Atheism has an altogether different meaning for me. I do believe in the existence of God but refuse to pray or rather say beg to Him. As, for me, He understands me without asking. Thank you so much for understanding my point of view.

  • Purba Chakraborty

    A divine poem which is beautifully worded and that reflects your spiritual side. I also don’t do a lot of pujas, but I believe that God is within me and around me. I can communicate with God through meditation or by talking a walk amidst Nature. I feel that I am a more spiritual and a less religious person. Could connect a lot to this poem. Loved it, Ma’am 🙂

    • Thank you so much & well said Purba. Being spiritually inclined is the best way to get connected with God. It’s really surprising for me to see a kid like you talking with such maturity. God bless you my child. 🙂

  • meaningful and nice,

    jab mein tum mein kho gaya,
    tu main main tu ho gaya,

    • Thank you so much for appreciation. Very well said. Welcome TSS. 🙂

  • Such a wonderful poem rich with meaning!