The Wrong Turn: A New Kahaani told by Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan launches The Wrong Turn

Time: 28th February 2017

Location: The Junkyard Café, Bandra, Mumbai

Indian Sub-continent’s pioneer English language publication house Om Books International has another great book for the readers. ‘The Wrong Turn: Love and Betrayal in the Times of Netaji is co-authored by Creative Director of HTA and a social activist Namita Roy Ghose and the airline pilot and International Award Winner of The Invincible Ink, The Millennium Writers and Southport Awards Mr. Sanjay Chopra.

This historic fiction is set in the Pre-Independent India and revolves around the story of legendary Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. So the Junkyard Café was a perfect location to launch and celebrate this thrilling historic fiction book.

Mr. Ajay Mago, the publisher of OBI, delighted all the guests graciously and with the finest hospitality. Bollywood’s beloved actress Vidya Balan added a ‘Kahaani’ to the event by her presence. Notable actors Mr. Rajat Kapoor, Ranveer Shorey, gorgeous Tisca Chopra and Arshad Warsi also made the special evening worth cherishing with their presence. Distinguished authors Bharthi Pradhan and Mushtaq Sheikh were also present to cherish the Book Launch of The Wrong Turn.

Vidya Balan launches The Wrong Turn

The Wrong Turn LaunchCharming Maria Goretti hosted the show and made it lively. Talented actors Rajat Kapoor, Vidya Balan and Simone Singh read interesting abstracts from the book.  Later, it was followed by an intriguing panel discussion on the book by Sanjay Chopra, Namita Roy Ghose, Tigmangshu Dhulia, Arshad Warsi, Anil Dharker and Tisca Chopra. The discussion revolved around history, leaders, world politics and Indian politics. Arshad Warsi thoughtfully stated, “India is the funniest country without a sense of humour.”

Devesh Purohit at The Wrong Turn Launch Devesh Purohit at The Wrong Turn Launch Devesh Purohit at The Wrong Turn Launch

The evening continued with a lively celebration where all guests were served drinks, juices and food. Authors Sanjay Chopra and Namita Roy Ghose signed the book happily for all the guests who approached them.

The Wrong Turn is available on Amazon and it is a must read for the history and fiction lovers.

The Wrong Turn is a story that traverses the cities of Calcutta, Singapore, Rangoon and Kohima caught up in the blaze of the Second World War. It is about the clash of four desperate forces as they come together in Kohima to vie for the brightest jewel in the crown — India. Victory will come to those who possess not just the coldest steel but even colder hearts,” Sanjay Chopra.

“This was a story waiting to be told. So much about Netaji was smoke and mirrors, partial views foisted on us by the British and other vested interests. Here was a man who was a personal hero, who was part of the lore of my childhood. And here was a chance to set the narrative straight – through the lens of a very human yet universal story of love,” Namita Roy Ghose quoted.

About the book

1944, Kohima — a small, sleepy town in northeast India! Subhash Chandra Bose and his Indian National Army (INA) along with the Japanese, are on the brink of bringing the Empire to its knees and forcing the British out of India. But, inexplicably, the tables turn. The INA’s advance is thwarted and the victory march to Delhi is halted. Seventy years later, the British admit that the Battle of Kohima was the greatest battle they had ever fought. Even more so than the battles of Waterloo and Dunkirk. Was it then that old Indian curse — betrayal? Someone from within Netaji’s own ranks? Were there forces other than the British, waiting in the shadows closer to home, who stood to gain even more from the INA’s defeat? Or was it just love that irrevocably altered the course of India’s destiny? The Wrong Turn: Love and Betrayal in the Time of Netaji, is a sweeping tale of passion set against the freedom struggle. Debraj, the rakish playboy and scion of a distinguished Calcutta family, and Nishonko, the fiery revolutionary sworn to the cause of the INA, must not only fight their common enemy, but also for the love of Aditi, the rebel with the healing touch. A haunting tale of love, friendship and betrayal of an entire nation, The Wrong Turn veers inexorably towards a poignant redemption.

[author image=”” ]Devesh Purohit is a Gold-Medalist in MAPR from Hinduja College, Mumbai. He works as a freelance writer, poet and PR. He is a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan and loves movies.[/author]

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