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vintage desi the style symphony

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It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new.”— Tony Visconti

Vintage is all about quality and class and today for a change, the face of The Style Symphony is not me but someone who is as classy as Vintage Desi. Vintage Desi, the top-of-the-line online shopping portal, curates Hi fashion stuff from esteemed designers across the nation, that too, at unbelievably affordable prices. The Style Symphony has collaborated with Vintage Desi in the past and our association was a great success along with the Giveaway. They have sent across this SILVER SQUARE MESH BOX CLUTCH from Bags by Ank for our [highlight]#OOTD[/highlight]. Ank is a fashion accessory label that specializes in handcrafted bags and clutches.

bags by Ank from Vintage Desi

vintage desi the style symphony vintage desi the style symphony

In order to compliment this uber-classy and vintage clutch bag, I decided to remain behind the camera and on the keyboards giving chance to an altogether new muse for The Style Symphony who could take charge of the glam quotient. So Symphonites, who is the hidden face behind the veil? (Oops! The Japanese fan) 😉

vintage desi the style symphony vintage desi the style symphony

So, let me talk about the talk of the #OOTD first, that’s this cute little classy clutch bag and then we would come to the new muse. This is a metallic square shaped box clutch that is exquisite and truly a class-apart. Clutching it into your hands is like entering into sheer savoir-faire. This brass box clutch is fully nickel-plated in silver finish with a checkered mesh pattern. It comes with a silver chain sling which adds to its functionality and helps you to roam hands-free in the party. This party-mate would gel-well perfectly with your traditional ethnics as well as western classic outfits. Carry it with your chiffon saree or with your LBD, you’re always the cynosure of all eyes.

vintage desi the style symphony vintage desi the style symphony

While I talked about the clutch bag and you must have been trying to figure out from the pictures who this new face of TSS is? The hint is: When I play the muse, she remains behind the camera and when I am of no use, she handles the paper and pen. She is the brains behind The Style Symphony! 😛

vintage desi the style symphony vintage desi the style symphony

Since, tomorrow’s Mother’s Day, I have decided to gift this beautiful clutch to my mom who is the biggest baggista on this planet (sadly she can’t afford but wishes to be 😛 ). She is as classy and as vintage as this bag is! Don’t you think that calling her vintage is not fair? She is 47 and still going young and tang tadaaaaaangggg!!!! 😛

vintage desi the style symphony vintage desi the style symphony

The muse of The Style Symphony is none other than my camera-shy mom, Ms. Sangeeta Mishra, who always loves to stay behind the scenes, behind the camera and this time behind that cute Japanese fan. For today’s #OOTD she has opted for an Indo-western look that is color-coordinated with a monochrome georgette kurta topped with silver platinum jewellery which gels-well with the silver tone of the box clutch.

vintage desi the style symphony vintage desi the style symphony

She is invited to attend Mother’s Day celebrations organized by Times of India in association with Radio Mirchi tomorrow. When I gifted this clutch to her, she was so excited that she planned her entire look of Mother’s Day around this clutch bag, that is, a black chiffon saree along with her favorite dainty platinum jewellery and a pair of silver stilettos. Thanks to Vintage Desi for this lovely surprise which could bring a beautiful smile on my mom’s face.

#OOTD Details

Box clutch: Bags by Ank (Vintage Desi)

White georgette kurta: Wishful by W for Woman

Monochrome dupatta: Wishful by W for Woman

Black palazzo pants: Local tailor

Studs: Nakshatra Diamonds

White gold chain: Local jeweller

Platinum & Diamond Pendant: PGI

Sterling silver & pearl bracelet: Johari Bazaar, Jaipur

Watch: Time Force

Rings: PGI & Erato

Shoes: Inch 5

Happy Mother’s Day to you Mom and to all the mothers out there! 🙂



Happy Mother’s Day Symphonites!