Western Dresses Indian Girls Should Own During Winters!

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“If winter comes can spring be far behind!”— P.B. Shelly stands true today even in the world of fashion as the wintery west wind brings a fresh breeze of spring in the fashion industry. It often happens that you have nothing to wear despite having wardrobe full of clothes and accessories— ever wondered why? Well, it happens mostly to the Indian girls no matter how frequently they upgrade their winters wardrobe or style conscious they are. Indian fashion proves to be the most versatile one, keeping in mind the frequently changing climatic condition here.

Women’s fashion in India has seen remarkable changes during last couple of years and we have witnessed a drastic makeover of new trends that are season specific too. But, do you really need to buy them all? Certainly not! Just tweak them a little and you could get an absolutely new wardrobe, all ready for you to shine during these winters. Here are some western dresses online India which can be opted to bring that sassy element to your wardrobe apart from keeping you warm. Also, we are sharing some fashion tips for girls and women which you can opt to stay stylish these winters.

  1. Enclosed Sleeves:

Call them ‘petals’, ‘peasants’, ‘juliets’, ‘kimonos’, ’bishops’, ‘rajlans’, ’dolmons’, or ‘laterns’ in the terms of hi-fashion or puffs, bells, mutton-leg or gathered in colloquial language. Winters call for experimenting with exemplary sleeves. It’s high time you shun your sleeveless or spirited-sleeved outfits and opt for shields and shelters. Go for coverage girl!

winters dresses online sleeves


  1. Armoured Necklines:

The very same fashion fundas applies to your necklines when it comes to winters. Bardots, cold-shoulders and off-shoulders are all set to take a plunge and sit pretty in your shelves until next spring-summer season. High-necks, mandarin collars, Chinese collars, polo-necks, etc, are well suited for winters for tops and sweatshirts.

winters dresses online necklines

  1. Haughty Hemlines:

Don’t be scared of rising hemlines these winters! Being covered doesn’t mean that you have to be bedecked with ankle or floor length outfits only. You can try every long and short of it depending upon the cut and flare of that very silhouette. If you are still worries about the coverage part, accessorize! Go berserk with various leg wear options along with your dresses, such as leggings, stalking, pantyhoses, socks, and team them up with high attitude footwear, especially boots.

winters dresses online hemlines

  1. Anticipated Accessories:

Accessorization is the key to beat the winter chill as well as to add aplomb to your dresses transforming them into winter wear. Stoles, scarves, mufflers, shawls, caps, fur boots, gladiator heels, snugglers— there are multitudes of options that work wonders for winters. With them, you can rock the season with your old wardrobe and face the fashion fraternity with panache.

So Symphonites, don’t fret for your new fashion findings during the new season. Rather, experiment with and explore what you already have. Cheat the winter chill with your self-developed fashion hacks.

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