Add some zing and make your life peppy!

peppy life

A life less blue… we’re not just talking Monday Blues. Rising stress levels give us ‘everyday blues’— something that is fast becoming a matter of concern. Forget adults, even children seem more and more prone to mood swings. While depression attacks every one in 15 people studies show that woman are more susceptible to the listlessness, general apathy, irritability and lack of appetite and self-esteem that are common symptoms of depression.

Chase away blues with simple advices to make your life peppy!

peppy life
  • Sweat it out:

Exercise is the best pick-me-up of all. Throw away those tranquilizers and don workout gear. Walk, jog, swim or just dance your blues away— at least for about 20 minutes at a time. A workout releases endorphins— natural mood lifters that drive out stress-related depression to give you a high.

  • Laugh your way through:

Exercise your lungs, gurgle and chortle. Learn to laugh at yourself and you will be well on your way to new found happiness. Many scoffed when a group of peppy people began what they called laughter therapy. Today, the number of sceptics has fallen, while the group’s multiplied by leaps and bounds. Once again, it is the magic of endorphins.

  • Penance and peace:

Meditate over the issues that bother you! You’ll be surprised how the art of concentration and reflection help control mood swings.

  • Forgive and forget:

Let go of irritants that prey on the mind and heighten stress levels.

  • Meet other people:

Sometimes, the company you keep can affect your moods. An achiever in your social circle can make you feel inadequate or frustrated. Dull and sarcastic friends are likely to draw you into a web of cynicism. Have happy and contented people around you; those with a good sense of humor can make a substantial difference to your outlook. Look for a peppy man who can laugh at himself and hang on him for life. If nothing, the association will teach you to laugh at yourself. And that is a big mood-lifter!

  • Get out of the rut:

Move away from the mundane. Buy clothes you haven’t dared to wear before. Change your hairstyle. Opt for the outlandish. Tune into a different kind of music. Shift furniture around. Look at like differently.

  • Of canines and felines:

Pets are peppy mood enhancers— stroke the pet, play with it, make it bark or mew and cuddle up for more. The unconditional love pet gives you, is therapeutic; it makes the world a nicer place to be in. a parrot, tortoise or a goldfish will help alleviate depression as well.

  • Be a couch potato:

The idiot box idolisers do have a point. Glue yourself to the telly (not to the horror stories or emotional melodramas, though) and forget your worries. Watch a comedy, laugh and loll about. Toons are THE way to avoid mood dips. Go bananas with Popeye or Tom and Jerry.

Remember Symphonites, set your minds on these peppy ways and you will never know a blue moment again.

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