Defy the Signs of Aging with Ageless from Mitchell U.S.A.

Mitchell U.S.A. skincare products range

The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected”— Robert Frost!

Aging is just a state of mind, as it is said, that the beauty of a woman only grows with time. Wrinkles and grey hair add wisdom to her, thereby enhancing her beauty. Still, wrinkles irritate, especially when they start appearing on the flawless complexion of a middle-aged woman. Robert Frost was so right— a woman was never scared of her wrinkles until they occur. The same happened with me too when I witnessed the first sign of aging on my skin when I entered into my 40s. Though, I hardly care about my looks, the decay in complexion distressed me a lot. I still remember how discreetly I wandered through cosmetic counters in search of a suitable anti-aging skincare range to combat my skin problems. Those were the days we were hardly given options for anti-aging beauty products in India. But, gone are those days as recently, I’ve received a hamper of ‘Ageless Products’ from Mitchell U.S.A, which contains a complete skincare range to suit my aging complexion.

Mitchell U.S.A. skincare products hamper

About Mitchell U.S.A

A brand that segregates quality mystic medicaments (lotus seeds) that are later formulated for dermatological use— Mitchell has been exploring, innovating and enhancing since years pioneering a state-of-the-art culture in skincare and beauty regimen. The brand focuses on creating ‘must-have’ beauty products in every woman’s power room. This quest for beauty which began from the highlands of Scotland now has come to India with their tale of transformation for Indian women.

Mitchell— A journey to the heart of sacred lotus!  

Mitchell U.S.A. skincare products hamper

Mitchell brings out an aged therapy which is derived from 1288 years old sacred lotus seeds which are sprouted into lotuses within 4 days of their plantation. The brand commemorates its key ingredient ‘lotus seed’ that has therapeutic properties and have miraculous impacts on aging skin.

I’ve tried a complete skincare range of Mitchell U.S.A ageless products for a week which have had phenomenal results. I have seen visible changes on my skin texture and signs of aging seem reduced in a mere 7 days. This range includes a handful of skincare products right from cleansers to toners to anti-aging face creams and last but not the least, neck firming cream and under-eye gel.



  1. Papaya Brightening Cleanser Facial Wash:

Papaya Brightening Cleanser Facial Wash
Rs. 550/-

It cleanses all the dirt-grime and superficial pollutants and makes your skin squeaky clean. It not only brightens skin and refines pores but also lifts away makeup and impurities and promotes soft smooth skin as well.

    1. Skin polish insta brite exfoliating cream:

Skin Polish Insta Brite Exfoliating Cream
Rs. 1440/-

Best suited to cleanse and purify your skin from deep within. It removes dead skin and brings back the lost glow. This is a cream-based formulae which is quite gentle on skin, thereby restoring radiance. This soft foamless formula contains jojaba beads which polishes dull skin resulting in improved and nourished skin texture.

  1. Lift & Firm Tightening Serum:

Lift & Firm Tightening Serum
Rs. 1280/-

It’s a non-sticky lightweight serum which penetrates deep into skin easily, tightens the pores, firms skin and minimizes wrinkles.

  1. Lineless Eye Complex Anti-Aging Serum:

Lineless Eye Complex Anti-Aging Serum
Rs. 1280/-

It reduces puffiness of tired and swollen eyes which I normally face being an insomniac. It minimizes their fine lines and diminishes dark circles.

  1. Neck Therapy Refining Cream:

Neck Therapy Refining Cream
Rs. 1550/-

My neck shows the signs of aging more than any other parts of the face and body. Reason, it being linear neck! This wrinkle-lift neck cream has shown visible results by increasing skin firmness, thereby minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.  It smoothes and softens skin texture and revives aging neck skin.

  1. Skin Energizer Peptide Hydration Cream:

Skin Energizer Peptide Hydration Cream
Rs. 1130/-

It’s the most important part of anti-aging skincare regimen which has miraculous effects on facial skin. It’s non-sticky and non-greasy, so lightly hydrates and restores firmness. You can definitely see the difference within a week with a more radiant and luminous face.

  1. Neck Therapy Anti-Wrinkle Cream:

Neck Therapy Anti-Wrinkle Cream
Rs. 1110/-

Last but not the least, an anti-aging cream is the most important part of face-care products for age-control. It contains double peptides which repair aging skin by enhancing skin tone and its clarity. I have witnessed visible results on my normal skin which tends to get dry during autumn winter season. My fine-lines seem reduced and wrinkles are softened and skin feels soft, supple and nourished.

So, Symphonites! If you too are worrying about premature signs of aging and wish to defy them with high-quality skincare products, do try your hands on Mitchell U.S.A. and divulge your newly found glory to the world. Though few products are seemingly expensive but seeing the results, it’s definitely worth it and I won’t mind buying it again.


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