Airtel 4G: Telecom Operator’s Promising Prodigy

Airtel 4G

Hola technocrats! Hope you all are already aware of the breathtaking news of the esteemed telecom operator’s 4 G services discussed in our last [highlight]blog post[/highlight]. We’re sure all of you might not afford to miss this golden opportunity and must have tweeted to Airtel claiming your share of awesomeness in the form of a 4G Sim. We too did and got ours delivered at our doorstep in no time. 🙂

Airtel 4G

With the boom already created by this one-of-a-kind offer by Airtel, we are being showered with 4G services at 3G rates with the nationwide rollout across 296 cities. And we are pretty sure all you speed craving surfers out there have made plans already to utilize this blissful deal in your own innovative ways. So, here’s the awesome-threesome ways we would make the most out of #GetAirtel4G.

  1. Live beams zapped on the #fame app! 😀

fame app Maitreni MishraTo those who don’t know much about the app, #fame is a platform that has been conceptualized and offered by Lakme School of Style to provide a chance to the budding talents to showcase their creativity.

Through this app we can go live in front of a heap of online audiences already using the app installed in their phones and we can perform in front of them while receiving their comments on our beams as well.

While appearing live through this app, I have faced a lot of troubles before just due to a poor internet connection.

People even used to dislike my beam being fed of either a blank/paused video or interrupted streaming where I was not even properly visible to my viewers. Same situations used to occur when I made my presence on beams of other #famestars where there were pathetic disturbances.

Hence, the seamless network of Airtel 4G will certainly play my savior in disguise and bestow both me and my audiences with ample satisfaction and enjoyment even in outdoors.

  1. Skype, no more network swipes! 😉

And who doesn’t know about the popular live chat sessions of Skype? Ever since our college days, all of us have using Skype to have video chats and calls with our distant families. Today video conferencing mediums like Skype, Google hangouts, etc are so popular and ever-growing that it is difficult to manage our living without keeping in touch on-the-go with our distant loved ones. Again in such situations speedy internet like Airtel 4G plays a prominent role and an added bliss.

  1. Best of quick speedy online tests! 🙂

My school going younger sister seldom uses my phone for appearing on her online tests. Airtel 4G would play her closest companion by proving her that optimal interface to take up assessments and bring out the best of her abilities.

So Symphonites, are you too speed-o-holics like us? Do share your experiences with the Airtel 4G and future plans in store for you! 🙂

  • Rahul

    That was an interesting list of applications to run on 4G:)