ASUS: Technology that caters to all users!


When a leading technology brand from Taiwan enters into Indian market with a bang, there has to be something extra-ordinary about it. That’s what happened when Asus decided to leap in with series of stunning phones. Knowing the fact that Indian buyer’s mindset is always in 2-states when buying a smart-phone, Asus bashed in with 3 series of Zenfone to cater all users.

There has been no phone so far into my knowledge that may have given importance to specific category customers. Zenphone series 4, 5 and 6 has something for everybody. A smart-phone buyer in India one hand is super excited about what all the phone offers and on the other hand is easy confused whether he is buying the right phone.

To make the buying decision much easy, Asus has considerably managed to make the buyer happy focusing on each feature to its fullest. Let’s see what it has for people like me who spend a lot of time reading, writing, searching and taking notes. Through its Reading Mode feature, the phone lets you balance images and texts display ratio to give you better reading interface. You can adjust the display so as to make it convenient to read small fonts. So, my grandmother’s reading problems is sorted. You can watch the working of this feature on Youtube.

Peekaboo with the ASUS technology at par! 

Now, image you want to scroll up-down often to read through long documents. And what if I say that in chilling winters you want to play with the screen? The –Enable Glove Mode features does not stop me to brag about this phone to everyone I talk about it. I flaunt the phone’s touch sensitivity with my gloves on. This wonderful feature once enabled, increases the touch sensitivity and allows you to freely use it as you wish. All 3 models are available on Flipkart here.