Choose to Start: Here my Smartphone Journey Begins!

moto e choose to start

Life is all about new beginnings and I always choose to start taking my first step towards new life in a new manner. My smart life began with a blackberry curve 8520 in 2010 where the brand said— “it’s a Smartphone’! Its [highlight]QWERTY[/highlight] keypad complimented my laptop then, and I reached on the seventh moon thinking that I’m the smartest one.

Time passed by and then I realized that those people who swipe their lives over their finger tips are smarter than me. I realized that in today’s era having a phone for more than 2 years is a ‘passé’. I am a woman of substance and I live a life that is edgy enough for others to envy but, I carry a phone that is archaic and still call it smart. 😛

Now I choose to start coming out of my so-called smart shell and try my hands on something






ndearing and


nchanting because that’s the


-factor of Moto-e. But my worries are much bigger than what my dreams are as owning a cell phone, that is really smart in current scenario is surely going to be hard on my budget.

That’s why, I‘m in search of a pocket-friendly Smartphone which not only suits my budget, but also adorns me a great flaunt factor. With my current [so-called Smart] phone neither I am able to access internet properly nor, I can multitask while talking.

choose to start with Moto e

Why I choose to start with the new Moto e gen 2?

  1. It’s been five years of being irresponsive towards all those temptations of web-access with all the goodness of android apps. So, I choose to start my life with Android Lollipop 5.0
  2. It’s high time that I choose to start my life with a new ‘palm candy’ dons that million dollar looks but also can be bought by banging on my budget while flirting with my wallet.
  3. Why should all the girls with pricey cell phones have all the fun! I choose to start my journey towards savoir faire with a technology that gives me more than what I expect in less than what I can spend.
  4. Why should I live my life in bits and pieces? I rather choose to start my corporate life with a complete boardroom experience holding in my hand while I could multi-task all my roles by accessing the web with optimum ease.
  5. When the whole world is delved into a front camera and dwells on a selfie-clicking mode, I still am hidden behind a rear camera. So, I simply choose to start with the VGA front camera to be the selfie queen as well as make my mark on professional video calls and would even click those remarkable stills with its 5 MP rear camera.
  6. Today’s hectic life is not at all a gamer’s cup of tea and I’m no exception! Who has time in modern times to play games on cell phones (sshhh!!! Actually I don’t have access to those happening and in-vogue games in my current not-so-smart phone, so it’s better be diplomatic 😛 ). But who minds if the tough realities and difficulties of life keeps you on the verge of depression and there is a cathartic mode in your cell phone. I’d surely choose to start distressing myself with some cool games like Asphalt 8 and many such more!
  7. In this fast pacing world, who has the time to reach towards a destination when the whole life has turned into a journey! I choose to start with a journey that is made pleasurable, functional and accessible with hassle-free 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS lock, etc; much easier than my not-so-smart phone.
  8. Till date, my life was monotonous and I was living it on a monochrome mode. It all began with an ‘all black’ blackberry (though I was happy calling it classic). I was somewhere lacking in vibrancy, so I choose to start with the myriad color options of Moto e Gen 2. With the vivid variety of vibrant hues, I’ll fill the void of flamboyance in my gadget kitty while sticking to quality.

It’s my life and my ways so that I choose to start it with a Smartphone that is indeed not high-end but my bit of luxury


ngineered with


xclusivity and that’s the


factor of Moto e 2nd Gen.

  • Saru

    Lovely presentation. It’s a great phone. I am planning to get one for my mum.

    Good luck for the contest, dear.