Importance of Water: Sense your dog from suffering these summers!

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Water water everywhere… nor any drop to drink

Keep your dog hydrated… do not let it shrink!            

If you aren’t aware of this, our dogs just akin to humans are composed of almost 80 percent water. The role of fresh water is extremely vital in order to keep their body running smoothly. Especially, water is a much need for dogs at all times whether be they indoors, or outdoors. As a role of parent for our pets, it’s highly essential to pamper them and ensure that our dogs are endowed with a clean water source for them to quench their thirst and cool down.

dog care
Water is the savior of dogs during summers!

How to determine the early signs of dehydration in your dog?

A dog can remain dehydrated despite having drunk plenty of water mainly because of its over-exertion, excess heat, stress or even medical issues for that matter. A basic way to analyze this condition conveniently is by checking for your dog’s skin elasticity.  Right below the shoulders on the upper back, gently pinch its skin using your thumb and then gradually let go of it.  If the skin tends to return back to normal quickly followed by the process, congratulations your pup is in a healthy state of ample water absorption.  However, if not, then it’s high time you encourage your dog to drink more and more water and in extreme conditions even call the vet immediately.

dog care
My pet dog Bambi lives mostly on water these summers!

How water and performance go hand in hand with your pup?

The consumption of water comprehensively relates to performance of your pet. Dogs stay much cooler and are able enough to burn calories more efficiently provided if they drink well during physical activities. A basic study about dogs reveals that providing water to them during exercise enhances their working ability by 80%.

dog care
Bathing time is fun for Bambi!

Don’t allow your dog to get over-watered by any means!

While house-breaking, this might be a damn serious issue for what goes needs to come out too. No wonder, it is highly recommended that dogs should be sent on a strict feed-water-walk schedule at the earliest in lieu of the accomplishment of housebreaking successfully along with the establishment of proper eating and drinking habits.  Never ever allow your housebreaking dog to seek unlimited access to water. Remember as the fact well goes, ‘excess of anything is bad’, so does it apply on dogs too.  After your dog is fully fed, it must be immediately taken outside.  It’s important for you to be patient enough for this process. If your dog doesn’t urinate for quite some time, take it inside but again try to bring it back after 5-10 minutes and make it do so.

Water is the basis requirement for your dog’s life too. Remember, sick pets when properly hydrated respond much better.  Hence, every time you turn the tap on, do not forget to make your dogs drink too, for if you do, then they are thirsty too. 🙂

  • Sunita Sharma

    I really appreciate the effort to write for the dogs. They are the most neglected ones in the society. I too request to take care of them. I would also suggest avoiding giving them tap water. Instead give them the water which has been purified by the water purifier. This small change will keep them healthy and protected against the water borne diseases

  • Year back I had a pet named Rocky, he would take long strolls outside home even in summers, would come home huffing and puffing, he would then gulp on full container of water. your pics made me remember him. 🙂

  • Anjali Sengar

    I also have a dog, you completely understand 🙂 Nice post dear..

  • A very informative post on dog care. 🙂