‘The Taming of the Shrewd’ Tresses: Hair Care with Brillare Sciences!

hair care Brillare Sciences

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Their crowning glory is my pride but keeps me super engaged too. As a mother of two beautiful girls who possess long, lovely and healthy hair, half of my spare time indulges in their hair care regimen and the rest vanishes away in the search of right hair care products. My quest for good hair products ended with a brand which listen your concerns rather than imposing their dictates upon you. I was searching for some good hair products since long which could be my savior in handling the debacles in maintaining the health and shine of my Rapunzels and my quest ended on Brillare— a noted skin and hair care brand that customize products according to your needs.

hair care Brillare Sciences

While discussing with the hair experts of Brillare Sciences, we were told to explain our hair and skin concerns so that they could curate specific ingredients to customize suitable hair products to satiate my hair concerns. We explained how desperately we need a good shampoo that could cleanse excessive long yet fine hair from roots till end, and that too, without handling them rigorously. Our next and one of the most vital concerns shared with Brillare was detangling issues. Due to length and fine hair shaft, Maitreni’s hair tends to tangle a lot and detangling them turns out to be my most difficult chore each day. No wonder, I call this regimen of mine ‘The Taming of the Shrew’.

The hair care hamper we ordered from Brillare consists of 3 products!

  • Brillare Science Style Care Shampoo (150 ml)
  • Brillare Science Style Care Intenso Cream (125 gm)
  • Brillare Science Hair Serum (40 ml)

Hair Concern 1: Damages due to harsh chemicals & extensive cleaning

As I’ve stated above about the concerns of long silky hair, we all (both my daughters & me) have, they need to be clean properly without getting damaged. After first hair wash, my colour treated hair tend to be soft, clean and felt hydrate from within. Hair shaft looked revitalized and the after-colour roughness reduced. Hair became manageable and combing through wet hair turned to be an easy job. After 3, 4 washes I felt gradual changes in my hair structure. And they feel soft, supple and nourished.

Solution: Brillare Science Style Care Shampoo       


  • It’s a multi-faceted shampoo which not only cleanses hair but also repairs colour treated and damaged hair due to styling, leaving them smooth and nourished.
  • Deep cleanses your scalp as well as your hair strands removing dirt, grime, pollutants and other chemical residue of colour or styling products.
  • Enriched with biotechnologically derived ceramide to renew the protective layer of hair shaft and to lock the moisture within.
  • Protects colour, strengthens hair shaft and lipid restructuring.
  • It induces a spa-sense to your self-hair-wash experience

Hair Concern 2: Tangling & Dryness

The biggest drawback of extensively long hair is that it gets messy very fast if left loose. Also, if you treat your hair with colour or other styling products, it gets brittle and lifeless. What single cure I know to handle these problems is deep conditioning or oiling. But these procedures are time-taking and engrossing. If you have time constraints and you have to rush fast, you need some easy-peasy quick-fix solutions that are really effective and impactful. Hair creams and serums do the same. But I’ve seriously been disappointed with some big brand names while searching for good hair creams and serums for long hair.

I’ve been using a whole lot of products for detangling Maitreni’s as well as my hair and endeed up with an empty bottle finished in mere 1, 2 uses. After trying Brillare hair cream & serum, my needs are perfectly taken care of and my biggest concern of detangling is sorted. Hair’s look and feel turn soft and shiny and Maitreni’s 1 meter long hair gets detangled within minutes just with a coin size portion of hair cream (during wash) and a few drops of serum (after wash).

Brillare Science Style Care Intenso Cream


  • A multifunctional conditioner which nourishes and revitalizes chemically treated hair.
  • Repairs the damages incurred by colour or other styling products.
  • Prevents further damage during hair wash with a strengthening coat over hair shaft.
  • Enriched with especially formulated ceramide that renews the dull and limp hair follicles, and also locks the moisture in, leaving them soft and supple.
  • Not only hair, but also your scalp gets revamped no less than a spa experience while you use this product at home.

Brillare Science Hair Serum

The star of this entire Brillare hair care range is indeed this serum. It’s a magical potion which works wonders even on soiled, dirty hair when you are running short of time and cannot go for a wash. We, at The Style Symphony, have reviewed many hair serums before but this one is surely the best we have tried till date.


  • Blended with highly effective smoothening oils like wheat-germ oil and grape-seed oil, this hair potion is evaporative and leaves no residue.
  • Non-sticky, non-greasy, thereby leaving smooth, silky and fresh hair.
  • Unlike other serums, it can be applied to hair roots too, apart from the length and ends. So, it stimulates hair growth and strengthens the roots.
  • A light-weight formula that is power-packed enough to endow you with best results.

hair care Brillare Science

Have a look, how this entire Brillare hair care range worked wonders on Maitreni’s mane after a long evening out resulting in dirty and messy hair. Earlier, such incidents ended me with struggling with her tresses, blaming her of being careless about them and gracing the experience as ‘taming of her shrewd’ mane. But today, I have Brillare and I can take best care of the best hair. 😀

You can shop for hair care products by Brillare Science [highlight]here[/highlight]!

Sangeeta Mishra

  • You are blessed with beautiful hair.

  • Such luxurious growth of hair… you are a blessed one! 🙂

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Good to know about the products, i will love try the shampoo, buying cream will be a wastage coz i dont use creams much.