I Am Poetry

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I am poetry, the unstoppable expression

Capriciously I flow, with my vivid emotions.


 Indoctrinated, but always limitless

Though carved out of time yet timeless!


 With set limits of rhythm, rhymes and syllable count

My words are clustered around an ornate wall mount.


 My sagacity is seized in line lengths

Cocooned in a nutshell, I am subdued strength.


 I want to be poetry, cherished, but not trashed

Flawless and flowing, but with you I never clashed.


 Poised, beautiful, yes! I am enigma!

But ah! Crucified and rendered varied stigma.


 I am poetry, a few words which speak abundance,

I can endure all, but negligence.


 A haiku, a tanka, I am a little couplet,

Derived ages back, from a Shakespearean sonnet.


 Without muddling through the banks, I flow like a river,

Grounded and decorous, not grantee but a giver!


 Let me be poetry, let me flow within my limits,

Let the stream be unrestrained, set free my poetic spirits!


 Chiseled from the palette, I’m not mere tapestry

A canvas art, a woman, I am poetry!



Sangeeta Mishra

  • Navdeep Inder Bamrah

    You are very good at writing rhymes… The words are used in rhymes are excellent… Amazing.. MAY God bless ur pen with more lovely thoughts

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! Glad that you liked my verses! It always means a lot when readers appreciate your work!

  • Sangeeta Ji, I’ve been trying to write something on this poem of yours since last three days but couldn’t find the appropriate content that would justify your poem. I’m savouring each stanza but find it quite difficult to express the feeling in my own words.

    You rightly said that you are a poem. Poem has an advantage that it can express paradox beautifully. Reality is indeed paradoxical. No person is absolute black or absolute white but shades of grey. Assimilation of opposites is one of the unique characteristics of human personality and gives a mystic touch to it. You beautifully illustrated the paradox in each stanza. It’s indeed one of your best.

    • Wow! Nothing better than this could be said to appreciate one’s work and I’m really fortunate having a reader and a thinker like you Ravish! Your comments are always overwhelming and make me get going.
      Thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂

  • Manisha Awasthi

    Such a beautiful piece. Loved reading it Sangeeta!

  • Amit Misra

    Very polished work!

  • Rakesh Pandey

    A long time ago, I got interested in Polynesian history and read a lot about Hawaii, Bora Bora, Tahiti etc. During that time, I read about a folklore of around 11th circa, which mentioned a beautiful moon faced woman called Marama, who helped her stubborn and gentle husband Teroro in escaping the bloodthirsty god Oro on the islands of Tahiti. She asked him to leave in a canoe and herself stayed on the war torn island of Bora Bora, to ensure his safety by praying to Tane, the god of deep oceans. During the long and dangerous journey from Bora Bora to Hawaii, which crossed the equator, her spirit followed the canoe, screaming and assuring in the dreams of the terrified Teroro…

    This poem reminded me of that woman! In the terrifying storms of the pacific, she standing before the mast of the tiny canoe, her hair windswept by the mighty god Ta’aroa, who ruled the winds! Her enormous courage giving a moral support and strength to her husband! Her shrill voice screaming, daring and blending in the whistle of the wind… “I’m the canoe…!”


    • First of all I’m really sorry for replying so late. I became so overwhelmed reading you comment that I purposely delayed to reply. Reason? So that I could come back and read this beautiful story again. Seriously, it’s so humbling being appreciated like this, especially when the reader is a master of words himself.

      Thank you so much. 🙂

      • Well, on a lighter note, all I knew about ‘Tahiti’ is black pearls. Thanks for adding up to my knowledge about Polynesian history. 🙂

        • Rakesh Pandey

          Kaela -e-kahiki. The way towards strange lands.

          Tahiti is an island and a word. It means haven. Japan, China, Carib, Hawaii… I’m your man. 🙂

          Don’t think anyone else knows such garbage! 😀

          Whoever cares if a few samurai commit seppekku for their daimyos! Also, the Inca died 2k BC.

          All I remember is BC!

          Thanks Engineering! 🙂

        • Rakesh Pandey

          It’s not a typo, BTW. In Polynesian, K is T or somewhat. Tahiti is also Kahiki and Teroro is Kelolo. Hiro is Hilo and Pere is Pele.

          Wish I was a bit older! Born during those times!

  • Rajeev Moothedath

    Very nice…

  • Kashifah

    Beautiful ❤❤

  • Purba Chakraborty

    This is such a beautiful poem. Loved reading it 🙂

  • Truly a very well written poem.

  • Very nicely written! Great poem!