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Down the memory lane, when I was a kid, I always dreamt of a separate music room in my dream home. Being a trained vocalist and a great music fanatic, music resides in my mind and soul and is an inseparable part of me. In my childhood, I always wanted to live in a castle which floats on the rhythm, where symphonies echo and musical notes flutter in its foundation. That musical castle from fairy tales was indeed a dream which seem impossible in today’s brusque life. But not anymore… Thanks to Nirvana Realty for coming up with a new concept called City of Music in the arena of real estate.

About Nirvana Realty!

Nirvana Realty is a real estate company by veterans in the field for building dream townships for people with exquisite tastes. This time they have come up with one-of-a-kind beautiful and soulful apartments, resorts and music concept weekend houses for people driven towards music. Through City of Music, Nirvana Realty brings-forth a fresh breeze in real estate by connecting two genres completely poles apart— music and homemaking. A design creation by noted architect Hafiz Contractor, CoM is endorsed by the Who’s Who of music world— Saroj Maestro, Ustad Amzad Ali Khan and renowned playback singers Shan and Sunidhi Chauhan.

City of Music (CoM)— India’s first music-inspired township!

CoM is one of the unique music inspired townships spread over 22 acres located on Khopoli-Pali Road, just 90 kms away from Mumbai. It is conceptualized to build beautiful weekend homes as well as holiday homes to satiate the needs of a music lover in you. The main intention behind building these music concept homes is to bring out your hidden desire of living in a dream city where music rattles in the air. But the best thing about this unique real-estate music concept is that, it helps you find your musical quotient so that you can explore how deeply music is rooted inside you.

Music Quotient (MQ)— Find your MQ, the launch & quiz

MQ (Music Quotient) is a micro site based on unique concept of quizzing and questioning your knowledge with which you can calculate your awareness and insight about music. Just by logging in through your Facebook account and by answering a few simple music related questions, you can get your MQ. It’s kind of an aptitude test which helps you exploring your musical knowledge and awareness.

So Symphonites, if you are deeply inclined towards music, do not forget to login to City of Music and find your MQ (Music Quotient). I too took the quiz and got a whopping 80/100 MQ and I’m all set to explore CoM. If you too wish to explore it, simply login and get your MQ. Who knows you could find your dream home in CoM, a place quite similar to our ancient Vedic homes where Mantras were chanted with tunes and rhythms or like one of those Rajwadas where court musicians used to sing songs of bliss.

  • Great to read, Thanks for sharing.

  • That’s a luxurious idea. The music rooms look cool.

  • Anjali Sengar

    Awesome post 🙂

  • Cool post !

  • Wow! I Love Music! This place could be heaven for me..

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Good to know about it, very unique concept. thanks a lot for sharing. but am sorry i cant participate because i am not in fb. but am sure if i could participate then i would surely defeat you, ok ? just kidding,congrats and have a nice ride to Com.

    • hehe… defeat me? ok! It just takes a sign up on Facebook! 😛 C’mon let’s fight! Hahaha just kiddin’. thank u for your kind words Jyotirmoy! 🙂

  • that is so cool….i mean such a unique idea and execution…awesome post 🙂

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    wow! This sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing dear 🙂

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  • Rakesh Pandey

    City of Music! What a novel concept! Ideal for a Music Maniac! And, I loved the your dream of a separate room for music! I spent my childhood in a single chawl room and had a similar dream. A separate room for music and a gym for boxing. 😀


    • Thank you so much Sir. Dreams are dreams, they’re always beautiful no matter they turn true or not. :’)

      • Rakesh Pandey

        Amen, mademoiselle!