Thursday , 29 June 2017
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Oriflame Nature Secret Shower Gel with Invigorating Ginseng & Passion Fruit Review

Gone are the days when my washroom shelf had always a corner reserved for an air freshener. But it’s not needed at all now as after having a bath with Oriflame Nature Secrets Shower Gel with invigorating Ginseng and Passion Fruit, the lingering smell refuses to leave the washroom for long. Read More »

The Ostentatious Giveaway By Oriflame !!!


Hola lovelies! Hope you’re enjoying the read as much as we’re loving to review the spectacular series of Oriflame products! 🙂 Well, as promised, we’re here with our very first Grand sponsored Giveaway where without leaving a single participant disappointed, we bring forth not 1, 2, or 3, but FOUR Winners! Yes! You heard it right, 4 winners! Isn’t that exciting? 😀 Read More »

Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream SPF 20 Review

It was my transition period from becoming patchy to pretty! As every other girl-next-door, I too was fed up of those unwanted blemishes caused by harsh sun. Courtesy to those roaming sessions with college friends and later job hunting, my journey to even out those marks and get that oh-so-desirable skin ended up when I ordered this Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream with SPF 20 from Shopclues. Read More »

Oriflame Lip Crayon “Pink impact” Review and Swatches!

Using Oriflame Lip Crayon for the first time resulted in a mess created by me by committing a makeup mistake. I started outlining my lips with pink impact— 26570 as my plans were to create fuller lips with darker outline and a lighter baby pink lip color. A makeup malfunction happened and my right hand was pressed hard on my lips resulting in excessively bled color stroke. Read More »

Surfing The Ruffles And Puffs To Accentuate The Feminine Figure!

Wanna feel like a queen as I do sometimes? Just add a hint of ruffles and puffs in your wardrobe. Though its an age-old classic trend, ruffles and puffs could beat all the latest fashion trends with its smart yet feminine appeal. If you want to flaunt a look of fragile femininity, accentuated with a shock value, nothing works better than a ruffle and puff silhouette. Read More »

How to handle your precious handbags with heed!

A woman’s entire persona is portrayed through her handbag as it carries a woman in whole. However, most of the women just throw their handbags carelessly along with their shoes after returning home. But the shoes get to be polished frequently unlike the handbags which are the ones to be ignored and neglected. And thus, they begin to show the signs of aging such as cracks, tears, dryness and de-shaping in due course of time. Read More »

~ Life’s A Rainbow ~


I was living in gloom until one day I found a giant rainbow and got enlightened with that vivacious Aura of the Almighty! Life turned into sheer bliss and here’s how I tuned into that symphony! 🙂 Read More »

The Floral Sling Clutch From Fabity, My True Fashion Fantasy!

That day, the baggie-bee in me was getting desperate when I saw this beautiful box-clutch on @FabityIndia Twitter handle and the hashtag #fabitgrabit said it all. 😉 I knew how to grab that lil’ piece of sheer luxury! So I expressed my 100% fashion fancy to impress Fabity. And, ahhah! I grabbed that beauty! 🙂 Read More »

Daddy’s Doll Gets Her Dream Home!

They rightly say~ “Home is where the heart is”! 🙂 Down the memory lane, I travel 4(four) years back when I left my home as well as my heart for pursuing higher studies. With wet eyes and numb mouth, I packed up my bags and had one last glance at my room which was still cluttered with my soft-toys and dolls! Read More »

My Ode To Platinum Won Me The Precious Metal!

Hi friends, Here I’m sharing my joy of winning a Platinum Pendant and moreover my story being published in the esteemed magazine, Femina. The contest was organized by Femina and sponsored by Platinum Day of Love. Here’s the contest question & my Platinum story as an entry to it! 🙂 Read More »

Style Story Of A Girl’s-Next-Door Crowning Glory!

This story was a winning entry in the Grazia Magazine for the Memorable Style Moment Contest. 😀 Hey friends, Each one of us has some or the other special moment in our life that can surpass the stones we stumble upon! I hope you’d agree on this front. No wonder, I picked one such fab moment from the turnover of the pages of my life that is worth a share! 🙂 Read More »

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