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Hola selfie-o-holic Symphonites! In today’s ‘App’tastic era selfies have become hot cup cakes when it comes to fashionistas’ ‘flaunt’ factor. Any and everybody around, has been crazy all the way for the love of selfies. Today, we’re here to let you have a peek-a-boo with an App called [highlight]Picpal[/highlight] that has pepped up the whole concept of selfies.

picpalWe’re sure, you must be loving to be part of a groupfie with your ‘wow’some gang with heights of fun and frolic so far. But what if those close friends are far away from you? Worry not, for the most happening selfie app is right here at your rescue. Picpal is a real time selfie collage app that has ability to create beyond boundaries!

No matter where you and your friends are placed, Picpal is one such platform that plays around your current happenings. It allows you all to take selfies simultaneously irrespective of your location and combines them into a lovely collage with picture moments in real time. This app is indeed your social hub for pictures! 🙂

Picpal Attributes:

Apart from the ‘Start’ button on its Home, Picpal has awesome-threesome features to offer!

picpal features

  • Tell A Friend: You can invite your friends to install Picpal and join your Picpal network through a Facebook post, Facebook Messenger, iMessage on iOS and Facebook, WhatsApp and SMS on Android.
  • Settings: iOS comprises of ‘Profile Settings’, ‘Account Settings’ and ‘About’ while Android involves the three along with the Sound notification setting too.

Under Profile settings, your username is visible along with your display name which can be changed as well. Also, you can add a nice profile photo in your account that will be visible to your Picpal contacts.

Under Account settings, you have an option to delete your Picpal account for what so ever reasons.

About: A brief into of what Picpal is actually about along with the email id of the developer.

Sound notification (Android): ON/OFF option for notification alert in your phone.

  • Help: A quick guide as to what all the App has in store for you!

Picpal User Guide:

As long as you install the Picpal app and open it, you have a quick sign up process to follow using your facebook account. After successful log in, you have the home addressing you to start your all new Picpal session. Click on start and there you land up on your Picpal friend list which initially is going to be empty. Click on the “+” icon at the top right corner to add an existing Picpal user as your friend to start using a Picpal session with. This will allow you to insert your friend’s Picpal username in the box provided there to add him/her in your Picpal contacts. Following the same process, you can add up to 3 of your friends in your friend list along with you to have a Picpal session with.

Once your friend gets added, select him/her and click on the next bottom arrow to head towards a Picpal session with your friend. After this the app would access your camera and give you 10 seconds good enough to capture a wow pose of yours. You would be kept on hold and simultaneously, your Picpal friend would be sent an invite to join the session on his/her phone. Once he/she accepts it and clicks his/her selfie, Picpal would resume your session and combine the two selfies to form a beautiful collage out of it with a cute Picpal logo on it. Also, with multiple Picpal user interactions, you can have a collage of at most 4 selfies. That’s all and you’re good to go!

Your gang can now love (heart icon) your selfie collage and also comment each other’s thoughts about it and chat amongst yourselves on the picture. Take on the fun to yet another level by sharing the pic with your other friends on social media too.  Sharing couldn’t get better than what Picpal app just made it with the best of both its android and iOS versions. You can share your collage on both facebook and instagram through your Android and iOS phones. However, on Android you have an option to share it via WhatsApp while you can share it through Facebook Messenger on iOS. You can even save the picture for a lifetime memory in your phone’s gallery.

picpal user guide

Basic Info about Picpal:-


Developer: MyndBee, Inc

Downloads: 1000+ (Android)

Size: 11.32 MB

Rating: 4.5 stars


What’s IT about it?

Picpal, to us, is one wonder app that will help us share our mundane activities with our friends anytime through a real time selfie collage. Be it, travel, night outs, dinning, parties or what not, with Picpal you very well know what your pals are up to. And, and, and a boon for those in long distance relationship, what’s say? 😉 Now when you’re gonna miss your boyfriend or girlfriend next time, how about having a cute Picpal time! 😛  Cheers!

Download it at www.getpicpal.com/dl

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