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Our Pricey Politicians— A Clerihew Poems Collection

Today, I came across a trending hashtag on twitter #BandBajaoNetasKi which was about making fun of our politicians, or roasting them. It brought a smile on my face. Sometimes back, I learnt about a similar genre of English poetry named Clerihew Poem, which is written in the very same manner.

“A Clerihew is a playful, four-line biographical poem which talks about a famous personality poking fun at him/her. The first line ends with the name of the person, and the second one rhymes with it, while rest of the 2 lines rhyme with each other. The rhymes are often forced in an irregular length line and meter.”

clerihew poem the style symphony

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I wrote some Clerihew poems in a mood of rejoice, quite in a light manner making fun of some of our Indian as well as International politicians. I, even, wrote a couple of Clerihews in Hindi too. I’ve tried writing something of less importance, light hearted, and humorous for the first time.

Dear Readers (and dear politicos)! Just have a look and please don’t mind as these Clerihew poems aren’t meant to hurt people and sensibilities but written merely for merriment.


She’s madam J. Jayalalitha

A politician cum fashionista 

With her 750 pairs of shoes,

She can give the nation economic blues


Delhi C.M. Mr. Arwind Kejariwal,

Breaks all the hurdles, barriers and walls,

Blame it to his dimness or serendipity,

He, though unknowingly, talks stupidity.


Hello Ms. Hillary Clinton

Paying BILL in Washington

U.S. made a different selection

That’s why u lost election

Hilary Clinton

Ex US president Barak Obama

So what if he killed Osama

Yet called him Mr. Bin Laden

Because he is etiquette laden

Barak Obama

Hindi Clerihew Poems

ये हैं श्री लालू यादव

बनते हैं मिटटी के माधव

स्टेट बेच कर खा गए चारा

और बिहार के बज गए बारह

lalu yadav

कल रात हुई चाय पे चर्चा

किया 500,1000 के नोटों का खर्चा

दिखती नहीं कोई नयी सुबह

अब जपते रहो NaMo-नमः

 modi namo demonetisation

Sangeeta Mishra

  • Purba Chakraborty

    wow! they made me LOL 😀
    Loved your creativity Ma’am. You are too good 🙂

  • Very creative.

  • The clerihew poems are just perfect! Totally in accordance with today’s situation 😀

  • sunita

    I am bereft of words to describe the choice of words…so very apt and in tune with today’s times! Thanks for introducing the word clerihew…beautiful!

  • Loved, loved , loved each one of the clerihew poems…..sharing it…..:)

  • Nice, funny little poems. True depiction.

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    ha ha ha , liked all these, some truth very nicely presented.

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