SEREIN, the Luxury Township at the lush Malabar Hill of Thane

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“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe!”— and that nursery rhyme came true when I visited the hanging gardens and Kamla Nehru Park of Malabar Hills years back and entered into the ‘Boot-Shoe House’. I was not an old woman then, but wanted a similar house for me, amidst the very same greenery when I’d grow old. ‘A middle-class person residing in Malabar Hills’— would sound a shaggy-dog story for many but Serein has made it possible today. Serein is a new luxury township in Thane district of Maharashtra, situated near the picturesque Yeoor Hills and located on Pokharan Road 2 which is called the ‘Malabar Hill of Thane’ for its proximity with nature and luxurious ambiance.

Yeoor Hills

upvan lake

Sanjay Gandhi National Park View

Pokharan Road 2 is a place that is abundantly fueled with the beauty of nature and the beauteous hill view. That’s the reason of it being called the Malabar Hills of Thane, which adds to the opulence of Serein and transforms this township into wellness homes.

Serein Pokharan Road 2

Serein Pokharan Road 2

Wellness homes are a new concept in India and Tata Housing group commemorates wellness at Serein amidst all the greenery and chirping of birds. They have created homes, not merely manufactured houses. Homes, that make a legacy to own and pass through generations to come. The apartments are designed in a way to ensure you the close accessibility with natural elements such as sunlight, fresh air and visually delightful landscapes from outdoors and beautifully designed inner space which celebrates colors and shapes in abundance.

Serein Pokharan Road 2

Serein, situated at the Malabar Hill of Thane, ensures its inhabitants the most functional vicinity to suit and fulfill their needs. The best of the schools, colleges, hospitals, business and entertainment centers, parks, shopping arcades— you name it and all the facilities are available in your surroundings at Serein, just a few steps away. Not only the exterior, but also the interior is breathtaking, and planned in a way to shower all the finesse and finery of life upon you. Above all, your safety and security are the priority at Serein, as it bestows upon you, a carefree and peaceful life— a life full of complete wellness.
Serein Pokharan Road 2

Serein Pokharan Road 2

Serein Pokharan Road 2

Moreover, Malabar Hill of Thane would become your pride in address showing striking similarities with the genuine Malabar Hills, with even similar pin-codes—

  • Malabar Hills: 400006
  • Pokhran Road, Thane: 400610

Surprising yet pleasing, isn’t it?

So Symphonites, if you too love living amidst affluence, savor Serein, the wellness homes of the Malabar Hill of Thane and indulge into a mouthful of splendor. 🙂

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Indeed a beautiful place but am sure it will be beyond my budget to purchase or to rent.
    very nice presentation.

  • Incredibly beautiful! Looks so luxurious!

  • Wow! So much green! Great info, dear… 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Loved the concept of wellness homes.
    Very well written article 🙂

  • Anjali Sengar

    Well written 🙂