The Space Crusader: #ColgateMagicalStories

Children are natural flyers and they live in their own zero gravity zones of creativity and nothing can weigh them down from soaring high. Their creativity propels them to the zenith’s height, from where they refuse to get back to the ground reality. These qualities make them the astronauts in true sense, light in weight but grave with potential.

My 3 and a half years old nephew Adwik is a story-teller, a chatter-box! He floats in his own space but drifts in time. I wonder how kids these days weave stories out of normal everyday situations. They can spin castles of words and can turn an ordinary situation into an extraordinaire one.

Adwik with Colgate space characters

Adwik can blabber about his class teacher’s masculine voice (though a lady) for an hour, making a story that there is a frog stuck in her throat, that’s why she talks like a man. Then he narrates a long story how that frog belongs to the moon and he sees his cousin every day there (like we used to see rabbits on moon when we were small). But the kids of this era are smarter than we used to be. Instead of disembarking upon a fairyland, they love to glide and roam free in the space of immense possibilities.

That day, Adwik invaded space on his special spacecraft and landed upon a loony planet. He named it ‘Rogic’ (unique name, isn’t it?). His logic behind the name Rogic was, that it sounded like magic. There he found his classmate ‘Guggu’. Guggu is a thumb-size little girl (as Adwik mentions her everyday) and quite a cry-baby. He found that Guggu was fastened with chains and was imprisoned by aliens on planet Rogic.

Adwik with Colgate space characters

Like a brave prince, Adwik attacked on Rogians with his laser gun and fought with them till they evaded the planet. Guggu was ecstatic seeing Adwik win, but she started crying again.

Why she started crying again??? — The question might leave you perplexed!

Adwik explained, “Guggu cried because she was scared of being set free of those shackles! Since, she was a thumb-size little girl, she feared that she would fly and get lost in the space the moment she is set-free.” 😛 Her light weight worried Adwik so much, so that he came up with the best of the logics one can ever expect from the 3 and a half year old kid. Then what? Adwik boarded his space-ship with Guggu, dragging her along, all shackled and they landed over our planet earth. He completed the story while brushing his teeth with his favorite Colgate.

Adwik gif colgate
Adwik weaving his #ColgateMagicalStories

Thank God, there still lives hope for our kids to explore their creativity. At least there is an option for them to play like we used to do in our times. This is indeed, a sigh of relief amidst those oh-so-cool gadgets, gulping gizmos and devouring video games that snatch our kids’ creativity and lower their personalities to be cocooned in their shells.

#ColgateMagicalStories have come up with their latest version of magical space adventure for our kids with 3 packs containing space characters to cut and play along with. I helped my nephew Adwik to cut those cute space characters and the little one bloomed into an astronaut as well as a story-teller. Amazing! Isn’t it? 😀

Sangeeta Mishra

  • Loved to read 🙂
    Best wishes.

  • Saru

    Such props encourage the budding talent. Adwik has added a lot of logic and fun to the space crusade.

    What an entertaining read!