Swap your car with the one better far on Quikr NXT!

online car classifieds

Hola ‘App’tastic Symphonites! Its not too late since when I discussed about the most hip-happening feature of one of the biggest esteemed Social Classifieds Networking Platform, Quikr. By the time, I’m sure you’re already aware of what all fantastic offerings Quikr NXT has in store for its online classifieds users.

Today, Indiblogger through its Happy Hours, has given me a ‘wow’some opportunity to highlight one of the very prominent aspects of Indian classifieds that has to deal with cars. Well as asked to share, if I had to replace my existing car with something better, here’s how I’d make the most of Quikr NXT online car classifieds to turn my fantasy into reality. 🙂

Quikr NXT online car classifieds

Well, there are practically 2 ways I can go about it on Quikr NXT!

1. Dealing directly with car dealers or an automobile agency could be cool if that helps in arranging a comfortable exchange in my city directly. That ways, I can sell my old car to them while they replace it with a brand new one with mutual budget consent.

2. Since there’s such an extensive array of effective online classifieds, another decent 2-way process could be to hands-on both the sellers’ & buyers’ departments. As in, I can sell my old car first with a good dealer and the utilize the profits along with current savings on a brand new offering from a seller.

Filtering my searches on the basis of the “[highlight]Posted by individual[/highlight]” and “[highlight]Posted by dealer[/highlight]” option could have me sorted while differentiating between the above two.

Know-Hows of Dealing with cars on Quikr NXT!

1. Creating a free-alert on Quikr NXT is a handy way to begin with. I shall state my buying and selling preferences first. This could be every time I want to filter my searches according to my requirements be it, dealing with an agency or individual buyers and sellers.

2. List my specific requirements very clearly while posting ad. Be it selling my old car or searching for a new one, the prerequisites such as Brand, Model, Price line (both List price and offering rates), Year (of manufacturing/purchase), Fuel type, Current condition (Used/Brand new) should be stated very clearly.

3. Add the choicest car dealing agencies (for directly exchange dealings) and prospective buyers and sellers (for the 2-way process) from my city into my bucket list and deal with all of them individually through the Quikr NXT intuitive chat feature.

4. Share some candid images of my old car with my buyers as well as ask for the same from my sellers to analyze the current conditions of the model I’m dealing with and I wanna be dealt with respectively. There after, I can easily compare between the two to analyze whether it could be a profitable deal for me or not.

5.  Last, but not the least of course, it’s all about building trust in the automobile business industry. I always strive to be just and genuine with my dealers whether it’s about rates, profits, authenticity of the information shared or even mutual understanding. As if all’s well, your prospective local dealer could even allow you a test-drive in the city. 😉 This not only results in evergreen cordial relations but is also a benefiting affair for long term associations too. 🙂

online car classifieds

Apart from all this, another ‘less’-strings-attached methodology to upgrade your existing car could be to look for complimentary parts for your old car model. Although this could be economical if you’re on budget constraints, but not very practical. I’d still suggest you to give your garage a complete new makeover!

When it comes to revamping your ‘Ladies and gentlemen’ ownership, it’s better not to make a toss or settle down for less. Go wisely for a profitable deal on Quikr NXT where you could even find a second-hand car that’s far better than the current condition of your car. That should be your swapping spirit! Cheers 😀