Pause, Unplug and Plug To Unblock Your Writer’s Block

Golfer's shot whiskey

Thanks to the widespread use of technology, we are exposed to a loooooht of information. There is so much information that it boggles the mind, especially as a writer, and sometimes it becomes the main reason behind a writer’s block. Shocking isn’t it? You thought that there is nothing more perfect than a well-researched article because you have access to inexhaustible resources, but then how do you pick what fits the bill of your article when there is a world of information to choose from, how do you put this information together? That’s a writer’s block right there, friend, and because of information overload! Groan!

So how do you get over this writer’s block? In one word– unwind! Get off that damn computer, put your notepad and pen aside, set your mobile down– run away from information itself. You can’t write if you aren’t inspired and here’s a suggestion for those of you seeking motivation to get those cramped brain cells going– unplug from the world and plug yourself into the world. What?

Confusing but not so confusing if you give it thought. When we say unplug from the world, we ask you to unplug from the task at hand. Wracking your brain over it isn’t going to help, you already tried. So switch that brain off to work– it’s a very fulfilling feeling. You know what’s better, plugging yourself into the world. What kind of world, though? The one that you were too busy to explore because you were chasing after a deadline. Like what?

The myriads of colours that decorate your garden or the park outside your apartment, lush leaves and bright blossoms never looked sweeter through your own eyes instead of through a phone camera. The rich smell of well blended whiskey, like Golfer’s Shot, spilling down your throat like honey, leaving a trail of warmth behind, relaxing your tense body and giving you a taste of something exquisitely well made. The smell of delicious food in the air, the sound of birds twittering in the trees, the vastness of the sky and the trail of car headlights left behind in the dark of the night– oh this unexplored world has so much to offer

When you’ve unplugged from and plugged in the right worlds, you’ll see that the mind will start clearing up, your senses will become sharper, your focus stronger and all of these put together will work towards pushing you in the direction toward creating the perfect work of writing. You will unblock your writer’s block by pausing, unplugging and plugging, the pen will glide over the notepad, fingers will settle into the rhythm of happy typing– you will be ready to create your next masterpiece.