VLCC DNA Slim: A DNA based Weight-Loss Program for Smart Weight Watchers


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Suffering from stubborn fat or reluctant to lose weight? Don’t feel guilty of yourself simply blame it to your DNA. Yes! Your DNA— Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid, the cell that makes you unique on this planet. This results in your body reacting differently than others despite living in the same atmosphere and habitat. Your DNA is the reason behind your putting on weight differently than others, who reside in the same climatic condition and have similar food. That’s why some people find it difficult to lose weight despite doing all efforts, while some do it effortlessly. VLCC DNA Slim is a weight-loss program that is planned to give you customized solutions to manage your weight.


What is VLCC DNA Slim Program?  

VLCC DNA Slim is based on your DNA analysis. For this, you don’t need to undergo a blood or urine test, just a cheek swab is enough! Then, the experts at VLCC customize a diet and workout regimen suitable to your DNA profile. This program incorporates specific diet chart and exercise routine, keeping in mind what suits your DNA finger-print. DNA slim is a paradigm shift in your weight management which is designed to target the root cause of weight-gain.

How it works?

After an extensive and detailed study of your DNA profile, the experts at VLCC bring for you the solutions that are nearly for you. The diet chart is created after studying what suits your metabolism and what not. Your workouts are planned according to your capacity, ability and flexibility seeing your BMI (Body Mass Index) or other physical factors.

How DNA slim is beneficial?

As always, VLCC has specially curated DNA Slim Program to suit every persons specific needs using cutting edge technology. This Program amalgamates a personalized diet and exercise regimen and works about 3 times faster than other usual weight-loss programs. It not only helps you reduce weight faster, but also helps you to maintain that weight for longer. Moreover, DNA Slim is harmless for you as it has no side-effects, reason being it’s based upon scientific studies.

Better, Faster & Long-lasting Results!

Results from the noted Standford University indicate that specific DNA based weight-loss programs work wonders on people. The results shown are two-three times faster than other regular weight-loss programs. Because of the DNA matched diet, the results are more accurate and speedy than that of those regular programs.

Studies show that DNA slim has clear and visible results on them who volunteered for a research study for comparative weight-loss programs. People who were given diet and workout according to DNA match lost weight faster than others. It was quite easy to differentiate between DNA-slim users and others.

So Symphonites, if you too want to lose weight in safe, effective and the fastest way, don’t forget to try your hands-on DNA slim weight-loss program. It’s always better to be progressive than to be regretful.