Women’s Day Contest powered by House This & Jabong!

house this contest

Congrats to Aamna Ameen for winning this Giveaway!


Hola my lovely ladies! Women’s day is around the corner and we couldn’t cease to amaze you with yet another exciting contest on the special occasion. Women’s day is a day that evokes the spirit of womanhood and a day to feel proud of being a woman of substance.

On this occasion, how could we miss our homemaker-Symphonites who have been juggling up with daily chores to beautify their homes. Thus, we have come up with a contest in association with House This powered by Jabong to help you ladies revamp your homes.

house this contest

On our shopping spree for our home, we recently came across House This and discovered it’s distinct range of home furnishing solutions like Bedsheets, Curtains, Cushions, Diwan sets, Rugs etc. These could provide a contemporary and distinct appeal to homes, that too at quite a reasonable price. What could be better than this that a true homemaker would have asked for? 🙂

Jabong now gives a chance to you all for winning an exclusive cushion cover set worth 1,000/- from House This. And the cherry on the cake is that winner gets to choose the designs herself. All you gotta do is answer the question creatively in the disqus comments below;

“How a woman changes a house into a home?”

Don’t forget to follow House This on Facebook here to qualify as a valid participant. Contest is on till 9th March, 2016. Winner will be picked thereafter and announced here and on all our social media channels.

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  • Aamna Ameen

    Happy Women’s Day The Style Symphony. 🙂

    A woman, only a woman can change a house into a home. The moment she comes into this world, she cries more sharply and sweetly than her brother, and fills the ambience with a lively lullaby. She grows with the same glow and hosts myriad emotions in her home. A girl, a women, a lady — whatever you call her, she is love and life personified and show at the place where she dwells.

    She is the provider on true sense and that’s the real quality of a home-maker. Be it food, comfort, love, relations, compassion or companionship — a woman’s hands are always raised for giving, not for taking anything for her sake. A house of bricks becomes a home of feelings and sentiments; which is painted by the warmth of love, decorated with positivity, where, even outlandish elements are welcomed with a smile.

    Home is where her heart is, and she makes that house, a place, where all the hearts of her loved ones could live with peace, ease and comfort. 🙂

  • Felicia Nazareth

    When a girl gets married, she leaves her family and starts a new life with her husband in their new house. She turns this room with four walls into a wonderful home.

    She sacrifices her dreams and supports her husbands’. She supports her husband in all ways. She works to help her family financially. She does the household chores too. She takes care of her kids and her in laws. She prays for her family. She teaches her children valuable life lessons and wonderful manners.

    She fills the house with love and happiness (two most important ingredient to turn a house into a home). She takes care of her family and is also there to motivate them and console them.

    She is a wonderful friend, a beautiful role model, a superwoman. With her super powers she turns a house into a home.

  • When we talk about a woman, a kind of image clicks in your mind. A Human Being with multiple Specialities. When a man is attached to a woman in any kind of relationship then he got a mindset that someone is there who support him or give some fruitful suggestions to get his work done with more efficiently and effectively.

    And when we talk about a house, the role of man and woman get divided. On one hand man takes charge of financial matters and on other hand woman takes charge of adjusting her and the whole family in limited finance as the man was doing his best to gather all money to make a own house.

    The time comes when a house is ready with all good quality bricks, cements and all good paint on its walls. But when you enter that house you will feel a missing feeling … YES this is a point when a woman do her most important role, change this beautiful house in beautiful home.

     Challenge herself with low budget by fulfilling all basic needs.

     With her daily prayers to God makes the house’s environment peaceful and glorious.

     Her delicious food brings happiness and joy in home.

     Her choice for home decor gives a new aura to a house.

     Her love to each member develops the emotional thread within the family members in a home.

     Some of her hidden qualities rise at the time of hurdles, troubles or problems which protects her home and family members.

    That’s the reason WE CALL A WOMAN “ A SUPER WOMAN”. She has numerous qualities to transfer anything with her love and dedication.

  • Reena Jain

    A Women change a house to a home by just simply adding species in the house of Love, togetherness, awareness, care, extra extra ordinary efforts to see smile of every individual at home, by making sure that every body’s needs is fulfilled, sacrificing most of her dream and the most important after doing all not expecting anything from anybody. This rare qualities of woman help to achieve the change she needs while changing a house to a home.

  • vartika sadhotra

    Men make houses, women make homes. 🙂 Rightly said <3 Men are often the ones who build or acquire houses for their families, but women provide the things that make a house into a home.
    Home is the one place in all this world where hearts are sure of each
    other. It is the place of confidence. It is the place where we tear
    off that mask of guarded and suspicious coldness which the world forces
    us to wear in self-defense, and where we pour out the unreserved
    communications of full and confiding hearts. It is the spot where
    expressions of tenderness gush out without any sensation of awkwardness
    and without any dread of ridicule. 🙂 Women is the one who makes her house beautiful by decorating it , cleaning it with her love <3 omen gives her 100% into home.She takes care of family members,decorate her home with beautiful ideas nd creative work. With all the little things she done from morning breakfast to dinner makes her home beautiful 🙂 <3

  • Meera

    This makes special for every women. Lovely contest. 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Awesome giveaway. TSS is making Woman’s Day truly special for everyone 🙂

  • How a woman changes a house into home??? The question is wrong. Woman doesn’t change a house into home. A home is something that is made up of woman. Bricks and wall

    without a woman can be termed as house, and a similar structure with a woman can be called home. And, it’s not really the superior sense of interior design and hygiene that makes a woman’s presence in a home essential, but it’s also a woman’s love, compassion and sacrifice towards the home and family members that completes a home. She is the last to have dinner, why, so everyone else can eat properly. She never calls it a day and she is the one who never have a holiday. Her job is 24×7. Do I need to say more?

  • Nishika Manira

    A house isn’t a home without the woman of the house. The house is complete only when woman who are loving and patient exists living there. A true woman keeps the house clean and tidy while a messy room doesn’t even give you the feeling of home. Women are always there at home to greet and welcome you in the most comfortable ways. They are there for you at every aspect and will treat you well. Most women cook good food for the house and do all the house work. Imagine life without a woman at home. It’s like no peace. A mom is always the one who looks forward and tries to maintain peace at home. A house isn’t home without peace. A woman knows the right stuff the house needs. Not every fancy thing makes the house look grand. Woman set and plan out very well for the house. What should be used where and would give the best look. With all these qualities of a woman makes the house a home. Love and peace is the lock while a Woman is the key to it 🙂

  • Jabong is my favorite shopping site, and this contest look interesting. Great blog, too. Loving it!

  • Good initiative by TSS. Wish you all the contestants 🙂

  • Ghazala Naseem

    A house is made from brick and cement where as a home is made from Love and affection .
    A woman can transform a house into a home with her love , care , selfless attitude .
    Woman are more organised and creative than men , even a small house or a flat can give a feeling of an exotic location if its clean and has good interiors like some good furniture , decorative pieces , colourful bed sheets with good curtains . With all this basic things a little of Love and a big Smile on face can make a house look like a home or look like a Heaven 🙂
    So with her efficient and excellent way of doing things , creativity , love a woman can change a house into home .

  • This is cool! Thanks for sharing 🙂