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Searching your very own signature scent? Shopping for perfume can be like searching for an identity. The Style Symphony takes you through a sensual journey to help you find your perfect fragrance.

Knowing everything about perfumes is the foremost fantasy of every woman. The sensuous movement of the ephemeral liquid trapped in glass, the flowing shape of the bottles and vials that carry the fragrance and the exquisite packaging are the first points of seduction.


Here’s then is a who’s who of the most wanted made-in-the-West fragrances through which the world’s top perfume brands associate with. Choose yours…

  1. PERFUME: Anais Anais by Cacharel

Anais Anais by Cacharel An expression of tenderness, where naivete is power and purity a symbol of confidence!

The notes: A subtle blend of rose and lily.

  1. PERFUME: Burberrys of London for Women

Burberrys of London for WomenA liberated, serene young woman! A woman who doesn’t put on airs is content to just be herself.  Mostly simple and elegant, she has a feeling for beautiful materials and good times together.

The notes: Fruity, amber.

  1. PERFUME: Benetton Sport for Women

Benetton Sport for WomenCreated for the woman who is dynamic yet feminine, this contributes significantly to the pleasurable feeling of relaxation.

  1. PERFUME: CK Be by Calvin Klein

CK Be by Calvin KleinIt’s about the freedom to express your individuality… it’s about the freedom to be yourself.

Top notes: Bergamot, juniper berry, mandarin, mint and lavender.

Heart notes: Sandalwood, opoponax and tonka bean.

  1. PERFUME: CK One by Calvin Klein

CK One by Calvin Klein If you know who you are! If you won’t take no for an answer! If you live your own life! If you choose love over stability! If you think conformity is boring! If you are a woman or a man!

Top notes: Bergamot, cardamom, pineapple and papaya.

Heart notes: Hedione high cis (derived from jasmine), violet, rose and nutmeg.

Base notes: Amber and musks.

  1. PERFUME: Davidoff Cool Water Woman

Davidoff Cool Water WomanA fragrance inspired by water— nature’s most essential element, the source of life itself. The essence of everything water means to us: Invigorating, revitalizing and soothing.

Top notes: Citrus, quince, blackcurrant, pineapple, honeydew melon, lotus and water lily.

Heart notes: May rose, jasmine and lily of the valley.

Base notes: Orris, vetiver, sandalwood, peach, mulberry and amber.

  1. PERFUME: D & G by Dolce & Gabbana Parfums

D & G by Dolce & Gabbana ParfumsYoung people dislike complicated things. They are sincere and realistic. Their nature is the inspiration for this fragrance.

Top notes: Tangerine, water lily, white cyclamen and green pear.

Heart notes: Mimosa, wisteria, lily and heliotrope.

Base notes: Vanilla bean, sandalwood and cashmere wood.

  1. PERFUME: Fifth Avenue by Elizabeth Arden

Fifth Avenue by Elizabeth ArdenIt’s a place… a name… a look… an attitude that says you’ve made it, that you’re on top of the world!

Top notes: Lilac, linden blossom, magnolia, muguet, mandarin and bergamot.

Heart notes: Bulgarian, rose, violet, ylang-ylang, jasmine, Indian tuberose, peach, clove and nutmeg.

Base notes: Amber, Tibetan musk, sandalwood, iris and vanilla.

  1. PERFUME: Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

Green Tea by Elizabeth ArdenA sparkling elixir to revitalize and awaken your soul! It’s all about feeling energized, refreshed, confident and sexy. A fragrance defined by a state of mind.

Top notes: Carway, rhubarb, lemon, orange and bergamot.

Heart notes: Green tea, peppermint, jasmine, carnation, fennel, and selery seed.

Base notes: Oak moss, musk and white amber.

  1. PERFUME: Gucci Envy by Gucci

Gucci Envy by GucciYou want it. You want it bad. You’ll crush what’s in your way to become the object of desire.

Top notes: Green notes, hyacinth, and magnolia.

Heart notes: Lily of the valley, jasmine and violet.

Base notes: Iris, wood and musks.

  1. PERFUME: Jaipur by Boucheron

Jaipur by Boucheron Luminous and delicate, the fragrance symbolizes freedom, emotion, sesnsuality and fantasy.

The notes: A fruity floral.

  1. PERFUME: Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Paris by Yves Saint LaurentA fragrance which is a true tribute to love, romanticism and to Paris! It’s a woman and a bouquet of roses.

The notes: Violet, rose, mimosa, vetiver, amber and musk.

  1. PERFUME: Poème by Lancome

Poème by Lancome Poème is an ode you throw at a woman the way you would throw her a bouquet of flowers, to tell her what cannot he said and join her in a world beyond words…

Top notes: Datura flower and sand flower.

Heart notes: The blue Himalayan poppy.

Base notes: Mimosa, daffodil, freesia, rose, vanilla blossom and white and yellow pell-mell.

  1. PERFUME: Romance by Ralph Lauren

Romance by Ralph LaurenA fragrance that celebrates womanhood in its true spirit!

The notes: Ginger, marigold, chamomile, lychee, yellow freesia, sungoddess rose, patchouli, oak moss and musk.

  1. PERFUME: Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne

Ultraviolet by Paco RabanneViolet is the color of femininity. Ultraviolet is the ray of spirituality. Like an elixir of life, it reveals the hidden side of the 21st century woman.

Heart notes: The Kinmokusei or Japanese osmanthus—sensuous and slightly sour like the flesh of an apricot.

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