A balanced honey diet: sweeter, healthier alternative to a crash diet

dabur honey diet

Busy, busy, busy… being busy is an effortless process that comes when you are ambitious by default. And who is not ambitious in modern times? Well, being an ambitious person, I’m a captive of my busy schedule which some or the other way leads me towards an unhealthy life where I’ve no choice but to bang upon a crash diet. Who doesn’t want to stay fit, and if I cannot (courtesy to my busy schedule) at least I could fake it to stay fit.

Yes, I fake it by trying to maintain a body mass index that remains towards the lower side, resulting in a leaner body, and everyone compliments me— a fitter one, a smart one. But the hidden truth behind this svelte frame is, lack of energy for sure. This faking-fit-syndrome, sometimes, ends me up in feeling faint and feeble. Reason— crash diet!

This is the irony of a busy woman whose life is all scattered between work, home, kids, family, extended family, looking good, feeling good, faking good, and what not. And I have no time for myself to indulge in workouts and pay heed towards my health as my crash diet plan though, keeps me lean but frail.

crash dieting

Granny’s health secrets!

So, it’s high time that I should follow those healthy diet plans my granny and Great granny used to follow to stay fit and healthy without spending a fortune. And the secret lies in the household only! The first thing that comes in my mind is that did our ancestors follow those expensive diet plans with lucrative names such as ‘atkins diet’, ‘gluten-free diet’, ‘low-carb diet’, ‘detox-diet’ and numerous such glossy plans? The answer is a clear ‘NO’!

My granny had no time for a morning breakfast, not even for tea. And what she used to do to keep herself energized was to have a glass of warm honey-water which kept her motivated and on-the-go throughout the day.

honey diet

Benefits of a balanced healthy diet!

A balanced honey-diet is indeed the best substitute of a crash diet which contains complex carbs. Honey acts like a fuel to our liver with which it produces glucose, resulting in added energy. Also, it has ability to act as an emulsifier which enhances the brain glucose level and produces fat burning hormones.

This not only results in a slimmer body which is more active but also a smarter brain that guides you to make smart health choices. A diet that is rich in honey and other natural nutrients is definitely a better option for fitness seekers rather than opting for skipping meals or following a crash diet.

Time for change!

keep calm Since I believe in practicing, rather than preaching, so, I’ve already switched over to a honey rich balanced diet. Wish my busy schedule could grant me a sigh of relief some day so that I could opt for some workout as well.

So Symphonites, if you too desire a leaner yet fitter physique along with a fully charged up brain and an energetic attitude, amalgamate some honey in your diet. Be assured that you watch your weight the very natural way, that’s [highlight]The Style Symphony[/highlight] way! 🙂