The citrus crush with Oranje Clothing !!!

Oranje Clothing The Style Symphony

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It’s just mid-January and seems like winters are already saying Goodbye to us! The fashionista in me is fed up of those bulky jackets, voluminous woolens and heavy boots and wants to feel a new lease of life and a breeze of fresh air. Instead of sipping the piping hot tea or coffee, the fresh-bee in me seeks to relish upon a sip of Oranje (*read orange 😉 ) juice. So I decided to have a tangy affair with the clothing brand ‘Oranje’ with my #OOTD which got much delayed due to winters, though I’m feeling a little apologetic to them for being too late.Oranje Clothing The Style Symphony

Oranje Clothing The Style SymphonyI ordered this pretty dress from Oranje Clothing for my little sis Anindhya, but she being too camera shy, refused to pose for it. So I had to adorn it in this #OOTD and voila it fitted me so well (of course, with a little alterations)! 😉

This is a Persian blue skater dress with oriental inspired Shibori prints in turquoise blue printed on it with placement technique. The printing is so beautifully done on the French crepe fabric that it looks like some intricate embroidery in jewel tones.

I have teamed this cute little number with complimenting accessories! I have opted for a pair of dual tone sky-high pumps in similar hues, a matching handbag, a pair of hoops to gel-well with and a denim belt to give it a definition.

Oranje Clothing The Style Symphony


Oranje Clothing is an initiative by [highlight]MACSAM Clothing Pvt Ltd[/highlight], a company that specializes in making quality products for women endowing fashionistas with attractive and comfortable garments.

Oranje Clothing The Style Symphony

Smart, Sensuous and Feminine are the apt words to describe the ‘Girl in You’ collection by Oranje Clothing. Shop for the latest designs, fashion trends, and intrinsic style running worldwide with Oranje clothing that strives to bestow upon you affordable prices and quality checked products.

Oranje Clothing The Style Symphony

From glossy shades to sassy prints, Oranje clothing has an extensive array of dressing options for fashionistas to choose from, be it dresses, jackets, jumpsuits or tops and lowers. Precisely cut, well tailored, and neatly finished, their outfits boast the best of cut, fit, color and pattern to suit the sensibility of a modern day girl.

Oranje Clothing The Style Symphony

So Symphonites, if you wanna add some spunk and spice in your regular dressing, must go for Oranje Clothing! Believe me you’ll surely find a perfect outfit to stand out in the crowd. 🙂

Oranje Clothing The Style Symphony

#OOTD Details                                                  #OOTD Details


 Watch: Swatch

Handbag: Holii

Dress: Oranje Clothing

Pumps: Mast N Harbor

Shades: Scavin Sunglasses

Belt: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Earrings: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai



  • Saru

    I love your look and the dress by Oranje!

  • I love this combination – nice colour selection and looking great 🙂

  • You always rock Maitreni.Looking super cute.:)

    Sriram & Krithiga

  • So nice 🙂

  • Avinash Mishra

    Need minor change…needed hat on this outfit, otherwise rest is OK :p 😉

    • haha.. sure Avinash. Would definitely keep that in mind next time 😀

  • Stunning looks. You look fantabulous.

  • Lovely post. All the accessories suits you.

  • my hottie… the dress looks super, the shoes awesome… and you… OOOO LA LA … 🙂

    • hehehhe… thank you so much for such a lovely compliment dearie :*

  • Purba Chakraborty

    I loved the dress. It looks so pretty on you and I am sure it would look great on Anindhya too. A lovely OOTD post, dear 🙂

    • Thank you so much dear. I’m glad you liked the post 🙂 <3

  • Meera

    cool outfit to begin the new season. nice color too. 🙂

  • I guess you waited until those chill winter days disappear Maitreni 🙂 to make this post live on TSS. Another best OOTD post from you and i am pretty sure that this is first fashion blog to open the doors to summer 😀 with this Oranje OOTD. Nice post with clear explanation of all the accessories, definitely a girl loves to read this. (Passing this link to my sis now ). Happy blogging and happy life :))

    • Hi Prasanna, yup you hit the right chords! I was actually waiting for the winters to subside coz winters make you feel so lazy. 😛 And this one’s indeed the 1st blog post before the onset of sprint. Thank you so much for loking the post and I’m glad you’ll pass on the link to your sis ^_^ 🙂