Daddy’s Doll Gets Her Dream Home!

They rightly say~ “Home is where the heart is”! 🙂 Down the memory lane, I travel 4(four) years back when I left my home as well as my heart for pursuing higher studies. With wet eyes and numb mouth, I packed up my bags and had one last glance at my room which was still cluttered with my soft-toys and dolls! It was my last day in that room, as my dad had sold that 3 BHK flat to some other family and we had to shift to our newly built house the next month and that too, in my absence. Knowing the fact that I won’t be able to visit my ‘pink’ room and see my little doll-house again, where I had spent the last 18 years of my life, I felt absolutely nostalgic! My sis, mom & dad saw me crying and it became a touching moment overwhelmed with tears, wishes, memories and sentiments! In a fit of that emotional moment, my dad promised me to buy a bigger doll house when I’d come back from hostel.

Days passed by in a new city with new friends and in an altogether new environment. My family shifted to the new house in my absence and I was being updated by each-n-every activity happening at home but was absolutely clueless about how it looked. And finally my vacations started and I left for home with a curious mind and a home-sick heart! It was so very difficult to keep patience during that 2 days long train journey, as I thought, would have had wings to fly home! The train arrived to the station around midnight and that 30 minutes drive towards home was even more torturous!  But when the home arrived, I was surprised as it was absolutely dark, not even a single light or candle was lit there. While I was standing outside the gate with curiosity, Dad gave a missed call to Mom, a miracle happened and I was taken aback! :-O The entire house suddenly lit up with multiple strings of electrical decorative lights, as if it was Diwali! The most astonishing factor was the look, paint and color of the house which to my utter surprise, was the exact replica of my childhood doll house, painted in myriad shades of pink! And the cherry on the cake was when, I noticed the name plate of our house ~ ‘MITRANYA’, named after me ~ ‘Maitreni’ & my younger sister ‘Anindhya’!! 😀

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That very day, not only the Doll House of this Daddy’s Doll turned into her Dream Home but I was blessed with a Dream Father–> A one-in-a-million Daddy dearest who could and still can go up to any extent to fulfill her daughter’s dreams and desires! 😀 Cheers!

PS: This story was a winning entry for the “Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai” Contest by Asian Paints on their Facebook page! 🙂

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  • gunavathy ghun jain

    Really awesome story of a fairy and her father every girl is attached very much to father 🙂

    • Thanks a lot dear. Very truly said, we all are our Daddy’s dolls. ^_^

  • Aprajita Trivedi

    that’s so cute story . every girl remains princess of his daddy dearest . this story took back me in my childhood days . NOSTALGIC !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks a lot. Glad that I could connect with you through this gesture <3