All Things Natural: Feed your Face from the Kitchen Shelf

kitchen skin remedies

Ever since our childhood, we’ve seen our Grannies and mothers with glowing skin and their secret lies in the kitchen shelves. In today’s busy life no one has that time to curate beauty tips from kitchen ingredients including fruits, veggies and spices. So, very easily we switch over to chemicals and preservatives for the quick fix solutions for our skin problems.

But, in course of time, our skin starts reacting against those tortures we humans make towards nature. That leads to pigmentation, freckles, pimples, blackheads, break-outs, premature aging, skin decaying and what not! So, it’s better to rely upon those timeless yet effective beauty tips taught by our Grannies and Great grannies.

The Style Symphony here brings forth some of our tried and tested remedies for skin troubles…

kitchen skin remedy A favourite with many, [highlight]POTATO[/highlight] is high in alkalinity and rich in vitamins A and B, calcium, phosphorous, and iron. Its cleansing properties make it worthy of use on the face and body. Raw potato juice is soothing and anti-inflammatory, and helps fight skin blemishes. Also, the enzymes in the potato nourish neglected cellular skin tissues.

As a Beauty Aid:

Grate a raw potato, mix with curd and apply on skin blemishes and dark patches. Massage on the face to get rid of wrinkles.

For dark circles: grind a raw potato and add almond paste to it. Use the mixture regularly on the under-eyes to get rid of dark circles and puffiness.

kitchen skin remedy [highlight]CABBAGE[/highlight] abounds in vitamins and minerals, especially calcium and iron and is a cleanser and detoxifying agent, too. It provides the body with enough dietary fibre and even helps balance acids in the stomach. As an old story goes, the workers who built the Great Wall of China were given big helpings of cabbage to maintain their strength. Cabbage soup helps reduce acidity and control painful arthritis.

A combination of cabbage and apple juice helps cool the body and also acts as a diuretic. Cabbage helps retard the ageing process, the reason why it is necessary to have cabbage salad every day. The outer leaf of the cabbage helps heal ulcers, sores and blisters.

As a Beauty Aid:

Apply cabbage juice on the face to reduce excessive dryness and wrinkling, and to heal skin eruptions. Wash your face with the water in which cabbage has been boiled to nourish the skin.

kitchen skin remedy Last but not the least, the mother of all beauty herbs [highlight]TURMERIC[/highlight], though considered as the vital spice in each and every Indian recipe, it has numerous benefits when it comes to human health. Even WHO has stated the advantages of turmeric being the most effective spice which works wonders over each and every human organ and our skin is no exception.

Turmeric is best known for its antiseptic properties, thereby considered as the healer aid as well as a repairing agent of our skin. Also, it is believed that turmeric reduces facial hair by thinning the hair shaft and eventually adds radiance and glow to your skin.

As a Beauty Aid:

Mix a tablespoon of gram flour with a teaspoon of freshly grounded turmeric powder and fresh milk cream. Blend them to a thick paste and apply evenly all over face and neck (except the under-eye and upper lid area). Wash when it gets dry and before the skin starts to stretch. Avoid making any kind of facial gestures (smiling, talking, etc) during application.


These inexpensive natural Ayurvedic beauty tips are quite effective and have proven their expertise since ages. But if you are that busy that you cannot time even for these simplest of remedies, worry not! You can bestow your  skin with the same goodness of nature in the similar simplest and economic way, that too in a tube of [highlight]VICCO TURMERIC Cream[/highlight] for that oh-so-desirable, flawless skin. 🙂