“Half Girlfriend?” ❣️ Well, Feelings Need No Fancy Names!

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Are the above phases only relatable to the couples called ‘Boyfriend—Girlfriend’?

Well, not really! Every passionate phase in life is synonymous to just one name and that is as simple and as pure as FEELINGS.

Half Girlfriend by Chetan BhagatWith the terminology of Half Girlfriend quite in rage right now in lieu of the upcoming Bollywood release based on Chetan Bhagat’s 2014 romantic novel, the youth is not just avidly eyeing on the movie but also trying to interpret the meaning behind the adjective ‘half’.

I have evidence of one such story of a ‘half’ yet ‘strong’ relationship of a duo, that’s still surviving amidst all odds because feelings need no bounds in their hearts. Let me recite the rendezvous tales of my best friend’s significant ‘other half’ whose ‘half relationships’ stories would leave your nerves numb.

He was an extremely bright student from childhood, a topper of his class. He scored the highest in his 10th boards exams and became the apple of all eyes in the newest 11thers batch. Tall, fair and handsome, he grew up with those ‘chocolate boyish’ looks that charmed any and every girl of his school. While the girls used to dream about him, he used to dream about that one ‘lucky’ girl. And one fine day, he did confess his feelings to one of those sweet classmates of his whom he wished to make his sweetheart. Like any other ordinary girl in the school, who could afford to resist the proposal from a guy who was so desirable because of his demeanour? Childhood crush and first love is always special, so was theirs and their ‘[highlight]full relationship[/highlight]’ started growing better and stronger with time.

Gradually, a year passed by, with those lovey-dovey moments and then there were just about 6 months left for their 12th board exams. But, life is not always as rosy as it seems, so was the arrival of the grey era of his life! The girl started losing interest in him and suddenly stopped talking to him. Initially the boy felt that she wanted to concentrate on her exams, so she was busy with preparations and he didn’t feel like disturbing her. But, when it was the time of the exams too, she didn’t wish him good luck. Soon, exams were over but he still did not hear from her. He was crestfallen but was clueless what to do. She would never pick his calls and he would cry for hours and hours standing alone gazing himself in the mirror.

Some more months were gone, the results were out and like always this time also, he had topped the exams with a whopping score. The girl finally called him up to congratulate for his achievement and his elation need no bounds. But what happened next turned all his glee into perpetual grief. Her last few words for him were— [highlight]“Congrats! I will always wish for the best of you as a true friend, as your best friend… but we have no future together and don’t ask me why”[/highlight]. This left him emotionally vulnerable and shattered and he lost all his hopes from life. And now the girl seemed like a [highlight]Half Girlfriend[/highlight] to him. Later both of them were admitted to colleges in two different cities at entirely opposite corners of the country far away from one another. The worst part was that the most beautiful chapter of his life was closed forever.

He had always been a very ambitious guy with big dreams and an even bigger zeal and vigor to work on them, striving towards his goals. So he stood upright and never allowed his weakest heart to be a diversion to his strongest brain. Months and years passed by, he made a lot of new and good friends and kept on excelling in studies. But, neither would any of his friends (girls) fall for him nor did he fell for any other girl amongst his friends. And another fine day he graduated from his engineering college with utmost distinction being placed in an esteemed multi-national firm in his own city.

After having worked for 2 years in the same organization and getting ‘n’ number of promotions he was finally the Project head of the company and ‘n’ number of aspiring candidates started working under him. Tall, fair and now with an equally handsome package, he was the apple of all eyes yet again. But as they say, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, so was he, going through a similar monotonous phase of life. Extraordinarily diligent and dedicated, he’d work like a clock day and night. And even the minimal time he’d get for himself during the weekends would go in bearing the responsibilities of his family. He made his life so engrossing so that he couldn’t acquire even the slightest second to gaze at himself in the mirror and weep. His parents could sense the hollowness in his life and they started searching for a prospective bride for their son.

And then after a very long time, he faced the second rejection of his life from a girl whom his parents had planned an arrange marriage setting with. He was not very shocked as he had expected something like that to happen already. Likewise from that very day, ‘n’ number of girls would straightaway say “NO” to his parents’ proposal even before meeting him. Despite being the most eligible bachelor in town, he gradually got used to this excruciating juncture of his life that was full of desertions.

Years passed by, but the yearning of the ‘perplexed parents’ to see their child settled couldn’t settle. And they again proposed a family with a very pretty daughter to ask her meet their son once. She (my friend) blushed and smiled and granted her acceptance to meet him. However, this time the guy was not willing to. But after persistent pressure from his parents, he approached my friend next day. The very moment he saw her twinkling eyes, he bowed down on his knees in front of her and gently took out his hat in his hands.

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Now, what he confessed with all his heart to her that time will turn you down into tears.

Hey dear, you’re beautiful. Trust me, very beautiful. But I am not, nor fit for you! In fact not for anybody else too! A lot of girls before you have abandoned me at the very first glance of my picture. But, you were made to meet me just because of this accessory. I feel guilty about it and can’t afford to cheat you. Look at me, this is the real me! Alas! [highlight]I will always wish for the best of you as a true friend, as your best friend… but we have no future together and you know why![/highlight]”  :’)

After uttering those words, he left the place and she was left shedding her pearls. That poignant statement of this Alopecia patient, etched a profound place in her heart, thereby developing a lot of respect and admiration for him. She called him up the very next day and requested for another meeting. And this is what my friend told him on their next rendezvous.

“Hey dear, you’re not perfect! Nor am I! In fact nobody is! And I have a lot of flaws, it’s just that you’re not able to see, and you called me beautiful. You know what? You are who YOU are! And the world admires your soul, even if they don’t, I do!” :’)

He was profusely touched and her words turned him speechless! He went back home and looked at the mirror after ages and this time, he smiled. 🙂 Thereafter, both of them have been *seeing* each other. They understand each other way too well and are much more than friends. Although they haven’t committed each other yet, but currently exploring each others’ imperfections to fall in love with those and together make for a perfect future.

She is his Half Girlfriend by now and he is already her ‘[highlight]better half[/highlight]’, because what sustains between the two is not love, affair, commitments or relationships, but FEELINGS that will survive as the fittest with time.

Neither feelings have anything to do with flaws, nor dotes with disabilities unlike the world perceives. Because at the end of the day, it’s not your fancy looks, but those fathoming emotions that breathe! 😇 ❣️

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  • U K

    The girl should know that she may remain his half girlfriend forever as he has never committed nor shown interest in her. In fact he has been honest and cleared it on day 1. So just because the boy has admitted honestly, does not appear to be a strong reason to me for the girl to fall in love with him to the extent of considering him a ‘better half’.
    I feel the girl should think in a more mature way and move over to find someone much better who would value her feelings. Afterall we all love to be full some day and not remain ‘half’ throughout.

  • Balaka Basu

    Nice story..and congrats on winning the contest

  • Sunita Rajwade

    I’m a bit confused with why he was rejected by every other girl and what was the disability of the girl who finally accepted him… an unusual story and you kept up the interest. Congratulations on being a co winner !

    • Hi Sunita, first of all thanks for taking out your time and giving it a read. Since the story is too long, I assume you’ve not read it thoroughly! If you happen to read it carefully then I have clearly mentioned in the concluding part that the guy had been suffering from ‘Alopecia’ right from the early stage of his school days. In fact I even hyperlinked the term with it’s wiki page (meaning partial hair loss) so that the readers are aware of the disease. I’d repeat it’s a ‘disease’ NOT ‘disability’. And if he’d have a disability, the girl doesn’t need to be ‘disabled’ to accept him, that’s what I feel. For the girl, his good soul mattered more than any petty disease. So, that was just a gesture of hers to say that she’s imperfect so that she can balance the ‘low self-esteem’ of the guy! Hope I’m seemingly clear now! 🙂 Anyways, thanks once again for stopping me! You are our valued reader and your opinion certainly matters! 🙂 Congratulations to you too, would soon bounce upon your winning story too! Cheers

      • Sunita Rajwade

        Well I did read the story and I I knew about the alopecia ( my dad’s a dermatologist) so I never considered that a big deal…. poor guy I now understand the story …. thanks for the explanation

  • Rajeev Moothedath

    Very nice….

  • Atulmaharaj

    The perfect “Half” story. Wonderfully put Maitreni !

  • Roma Gupta Sinha

    Wow ! I loved the tale buddy and the wonderful message it conveyed. It’s the beauty of one’s soul that matters the most.

  • The story is interesting with lots of twists and turns. It could be developed into a full-fledged novel. You beautifully expressed meaning of Half Girlfriend, Maitreni. Kudos 🙂

    • Writing a novel around this is a great idea Ravish and even mom suggested the same to me. Thanks a lot for appreciating too 🙂

  • Lovely story of a Half Girlfriend……beautiful depiction!!! 🙂

  • Wow.Such an interesting real love story. Loved each and every bit of it. Presented very well Maitreni.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Very interesting love story, when i read love stories(specially the real ones) i complete it holding my breathe, though it was long but did not stop and completed reading, the story itself make you curious to know the finishing.
    very nice presentation and good to know about them.
    Specially loved the last two paras…so true these sentences are.
    Loved reading it.

    • I’m so glad you took out your precious time and read this story till the end. Thank you so much for all the appreciation Jyotirmoy. Really means a lot when it comes from a genuine reader like you! 🙂