My Little Girl Turned into a Saree Clad Lady and I Cried Again

graduation ceremony Anindhya Notre Dame Academy

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17th December 2016 — for me it was a day to be cherished forever. My clumsy little baby Anindhya turned into a graceful lady, as I wrapped the first saree of her life around her. Finally, she has  graduated from the prestigious institution Notre Dame Academy and I’m left with thousands of emotions, feelings, memories and experiences.

Exactly 8 years back, Maitreni graduated from the same school and on that day, I made her wear a white saree (though it wasn’t her first saree, for her being too active in co-curricular activities).Even today, I have to do saree draping for her quite often for OOTD posts for blog shoots, but cladding Anindhya in a saree was an all together different experience. She was always like a little baby to me. Thus, watching her looking like a lady, wearing bigger shoes than me, standing taller than me made me extremely emotional. I always wished her to be a little baby.

graduation ceremony Anindhya Notre Dame Academy

Maitreni was a star in her graduation ceremony, being awarded as the most creative girl in Science stream! And Anindhya has made me proud of her for her academic excellence. But today, I feel gratified being a mother of two Damian daughters. I still remember the day when Maitri was doing her makeup on her graduation day and I was shouting upon her to keep it subtle. She did the same over Anya’s face on her day. Anya was crying and shouting upon her to keep it minimal. But neither did she listen to me 8 years back, nor this time. But let me tell you all—‘She did fabulous job both the times.’

graduation ceremony Anindhya Notre Dame Academy
How time flies! 8 years back Anindhya was 9 and was there with her sister, teacher and me. Today she stands taller than all of us, all grown up, mature and ready to shine.

graduation ceremony Anindhya Notre Dame Academy

Though, Anindhya messed up her hair-do (which I did painstakingly for an hour), smudged all the makeup done by her sister, and crushed the saree (I even did the fall-beading and ironing part the whole night just to add that personal touch to her special day), yet she looked her best on her pass-out day. No matter how hard she tried to look like a messy-clumsy ugly-duckling, she looked the most beautiful girl of the school (through my eyes though) .  I was not able to find her out on the stage for being seated in the last row, but I was continuously looking at her face through the camera zoom lens.

graduation ceremony Anindhya Notre Dame Academy

Daughters are bliss and mine are too. So what if they are not like usual ones, so what if they don’t help me in my work like other good girls do, so what if they giggle when I complain and cry. Still they are special because I’ve made them so…. pampered, carefree, brats but all good human beings.

graduation ceremony Anindhya Notre Dame Academy

graduation ceremony Anindhya Notre Dame Academy

Having two beautiful, intelligent and talented daughters is indeed elation and because of the two of them, I feel beautiful too despite all the grey hair and wrinkles. Time flies by, many faces have been changed since last 8 years and some remained the same, but the fact that is timeless, is the joy motherhood has given to me and the smile that comes to my face seeing both of them smiling.  🙂

graduation ceremony Anindhya Notre Dame Academy

The reason Anindhya makes me proud of her,  is the laurels she brings home at the end of every academic year. Her trophies for excellence in studies are my prized possession, but what give me utmost pleasure are the ‘best citizen trophies’ she grabs every year. Having a daughter who is praised for being a good human being, is indeed the best feeling of this world for me.

These trophies are my reward of those sleepless nights and my answer to them who still think I’m less privileged for not having a son. I’m so happy sharing them today with a hope of getting bigger ones after her 12th boards in March 2017.  Wish me luck and bless Anindhya! 🙂

graduation ceremony Anindhya Notre Dame Academy

 Sangeeta Mishra

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  • Purba Chakraborty

    Loved the post Ma’am. The way you express your feelings through words always touches my heart. Beautiful pictures. I wish all the best to Anindhya for her board exams 🙂

    • Thank you so much Purba for your love and wishes for Anindhya and sorry for replying so late. 🙂 What a coincidence that I’m replying to your comment today, while she has finished her board exams just a few hours ago. Thanks again! <3

  • Very precious event for your family, ma’am.
    Best wishes to her for the future!

    • Thank you so much Mr. Singhal for your good wishes for Anindhya and extremely sorry for replying so late. Means a lot. 🙂

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Feelings expressed very wishes.

  • It is a job well done Sangeeta…..I sometimes in my mind fast-forward to the time just to see how my kids have grown up…but then I come back to hug them and stay close to them as much as I can…I feel that once they grow up, this will be done less often….I can see the tears in your eyes – tears of joy, of accomplishment, of the years and moments you have spent on the two beautiful persons you have raised….Congrats on doing that…and please inspire me and guide me to do the same…..

    • Sunaina, first of all really sorry for replying so late. It’s been 4 months I hardly visited this place. reason being Anindhya’s boards and other related parental issues.
      Your words, as I said so many times earlier, are really touching and inspirational to me. Certain things I miss about this blog and social media are a few ( very less) people and you definitely come the first among them.
      Well, one thing I would like to tell you about parenting ( being quite senior to you in that respect) that I try harder and harder to be a good mother still find my efforts insufficient. I try to give maximum of my time and love to my girls still think they deserve more, though they are quite grown up.
      Thank you so much for your kind and sweet words. 🙂 <3

  • Such a precious moment… to be cherished for a lifetime… 🙂 Best wishes to Anindhya…

    • Thank you so much Maniparna for your wishes and kind words. Yes,indeed it was a moment worth cherishing. And really sorry for replying so late!

  • Very affectionately written.

  • Great to read. Best wishes.