Loafers: The Ultimate Classic Footwear for All Seasons

types of loafers for men the style symphony

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Considered to be one of the most stylish footwear options today, the classic loafer is the perfect gentlemen’s shoe. Although part of a sophisticated trend, this shoe style can get a little tricky to master. Ever since its invention in 1930 Norway, men’s loafers are indispensable fashion accessories. With changing times, this footwear option has become diverse with respect to its fabrics and inventive styles. It is the epitome of comfort styling with fearless fashion.

types of loafers for men the style symphony

Pick the right pair

Loafers aren’t just a classic footwear option, but also incredibly cool and undeniably comfortable. Discovering the right pair to suit your style can work like an instant wardrobe upgrade. Most fashionable men consider loafers to be their go-to option for most, if not all occasions. Put on the most suitable pair by choosing the right type of loafers.

The Penny Loafer

penny loafers the style symphonyConsidered to be the most classic amongst all the loafer styles, Penny loafers come with a leather strap that runs across the top of the shoes. It is designed to showcase a diamond-shaped slot, which is big enough to fit a small coin in. Despite several theories explaining the diamond gap in this particular pair of shoes, the Penny loafer is definitely a gentleman’s shoe. A popular style and also considered the easiest to work with, the Penny loafer is versatile and can be paired with all outfits. Throw on a pair and dress up or down to make the look work.

The Tassel Loafer

tassel loafers the style symphony

Created in the 1950s, the tassel loafer was mainly the result of experimenting with design, making it a definite hit in the men’s footwear section. Although the exact design origin is unknown, this loafer was created while designing a shoe that was similar to an Oxford attached with tassels. These loafers are easy to slip-on and can be worn with smart casuals for an uber cool yet stylish look.

The Snaffle Loafer

snaffle loafers the style symphonyFondly also called as the Gucci loafer, the snaffle loafer was first introduced in 1968. Most men are unaware of what this shoe is called but are quite familiar with its style. The distinguishing feature on a snaffle loafer is the golden brass strap that runs across the top of the shoe. What gives the shoe its name is the horse snaffle bit shaped brass strap. Gucci was given credit for designing this loafer in brown and black, making it an easy footwear option to be worn on formal occasions with suits.

The Apron Loafer

apron loafers the style symphonyVisible edges and stitches around the toe, forming an ‘apron’ gives this loafer its name. Designed with separate pieces of leather, the style extends from the bottom around the shoe to the top line. The characteristic stitched line creates a crease between the top and bottom of the toe region. It is definitely a pair that can be easily worn to the beach or a day out at with friends.

Once you’ve understood the types of loafers, the next step is to pick them based on your purpose of the occasion. The loafer is definitely a top seller on [highlight]abof[/highlight], amidst other footwear options such as ladies sneakers, sports shoes and much more. Pick the pair of your choice to showcase your ultimate style.

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