Men of Impact Who Make Us Beautiful!

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When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist.” — Akhenaton

Virtues definitely beautify a woman, but what makes her impact as a beautiful woman is the way she is being treated or being pampered, dressed, bejeweled and decorated. No matter how long she takes to groom herself, she always needs an experienced hand to enhance her beauty. Designers, cosmetic giants, accessories and jewellery makers— men have proved themselves even better than woman in these genres. Without them would we look quite the same? The Style Symphony’s answer is a clear no!

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Here, we present some of the world’s brand biggies whose impact on a woman’s haute couture look is considered ultimate even today.

Georgio Armani (1934)

Georgio Armani

He transformed formal suits into chic comfort wear. His designs laid the ground-work for easy, minimalistic styles of the modern woman. Today, his empire includes 13 lines catering to the specific niches that include jeans, underwear, perfume, etc.

Dolce & Gabbana (1958-1962)

Dolce & Gabbana

In the 1980’s, when masculine chic was at its height, the duo created a style that fused sensuality with austerity. Influenced great by their homeland Italy, they made rosary beads, hip and other Italian stereotypes like Mafioso, Machismo inspired their pinstripe suits.

Salvatore Ferragamo (1898-1960)

Salvatore Ferragamo

He teamed glamour with imagination. He revived the use of cork and wood shoes. To his credit, he has a number of cobbling innovations, best known are wedge heels, platform souls and the insertion of a steel shaft to stabilize spike heels.

Calvin Klein (1942)

Calvin Klein

Initially, he became popular imprinted on the waistbands of boxers and briefs, but he had started off designing women’s coats. He hit the big time with his sportswear range that combined fashion with function. Diversified into perfumes, the latest being his unisex range.

Pierre Cardin (1922)

Pierre Cardin

A believer of change, he straddled the past and the future. He catered to a new generation and brought couture to the space age. Graphic symbols were cut from Jersey tunics and men’s jackets were given epaulettes. He even developed his own material Cardine.

Guccio Gucci (1881-1953)

Guccio Gucci

The mall saddle shop in Florence, Italy, has undergone a facelift from designing the famous loafers, the duffle bag and later the moccasin shoe. Gucci sold out in the 1970’s to a firm who took on Tom Ford as design director. Today, Gucci is into haute couture.

Luis Vuitton (1811-1892)

Luis VuittonHe started by crafting trunks for aristocrats. He also designed a flat trunk that could easily fit in the cargo-hold of ships. The quintessential wardrobe trunk accessorized with tiny drawers and the circular bag called ‘alma’ created for Coco Chanel, were his creations. Later, he made his impact as world’s epic handbag designer.

Christian Dior (1905)

Christian Dior

Of his style, he said, “I created flower women, with gentle shoulders and generous bosoms, with tiny waist like stems and skirts belling out like petals.” His first fashion show was dubbed the ‘New Look’ as it made women feel feminine again. Later, he made the most powerful impact as a cosmetic giant.

These were a few men among those many whose impact on ‘all things bright and beautiful‘ still makes the woman of today the cynosure of all eyes. The Style Symphony salutes the spirit of manhood because of whom we have been privileged with ‘a thing of beauty‘ that is ‘a joy forever‘.

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