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Monsoons turn magical when raindrops sing the rhapsody of romance! The fluttering sound of rainfall, the freaking breeze, the rustic fragrance of fuller-earth (dry soil) when drenched with drops and all other drizzy-breezy sensations make us go simply mad over monsoons.

But like every rose has thorns and every lamp has a dark shadow beneath, rainy season also has some bylines or restrains when it comes to style and fashion. We cannot wear all what we want neither we can flaunt our delicate, exotic and exclusive stuff as well.

Monsoons chop the wings of a style butterfly as rains steal away your flair for fashion. Neither you can wear silk, chiffons, and cottons, nor, you can adorn leather, makeup and fancy accessories. Normally, all we do is to wait for rains to go away to bring back the forgotten glory of a fashionista.

But wait… wait! Before you lock that fashion fly behind the doors of wet and humid colorless closet, think for a while, as Limeroad has numerous ways to explore your style during monsoons. There are multitude of style ideas you can experiment with to get those oh-so-chic and stylish looks during monsoons with which you can even enjoy getting drenched in rains as well as style.

Being the creative hub of style crackers, has multitudinous of such options where you can explore, create and then grab such style to fill sheer magic in your monsoons. Here I’m expressing my ways of styling monsoons using [highlight]Limeroad Scrapbook[/highlight] feature along with some special do’s and don’ts for your Monsoons, the very [highlight]The Style Symphony[/highlight] way. 🙂

Fabrics for Monsoons:-

Avoid heavy and thick fabrics such as denims, linen and spun-polyester as they tend to soak water and take longer than usual time to dry out. Instead, opt for lighter and breathier fabrics such as, crepe, georgette, muslin or mercerized cotton for that breezy yet breathy look, feel and comfort.

Silhouettes for Monsoons:-

Avoid denim jeans, palazzos, leather pants, blended trousers and other voluminous leg wear as they restrict your activities in water-logged areas. Rather, opt for 3/4th’s, capris, or ankle length trousers in preferably lycra mixed cotton so that you can roam freely and freakily in random rains. Short dresses, skater dresses, sheath dresses would add that oomph factor to your monsoon dressing as they are functional yet funky for the rains.

Limeroad Scrapbook Monsoons

Ethnic wear for Monsoons:-

Avoid fussy traditional wear such as salwars, dupattas, sarees, etc, as much as possible. Instead, you can opt for a smart indo-western look of a kurta teamed up with a Capri or an ankle length trouser along with loads of happening chunky accessories.

Colors & Prints for Monsoons:-

Why we crave for extra spicy food during monsoons is because the weather makes our taste buds feel dull. Similarly, our style taste too demands spice to savour in to enter in savoir-faire. Vibrant colors, bold prints, over-the-top appeal and pompous styles add that ‘IT-Spice’ to the damn dull, boring monsoons. So, go girls, beat the monsoon blues with varied shades of nature, the VIBGYOR of rainbow along with the vibrancy of style.

Footwear for Monsoons:-

Who doesn’t want tapping their feet to meet the beats of drizzles and drops! But, but..but logged water and the mud caused by stops you from doing that. So, it’s a must that you pay heed the most to your footwear. Genuine leather, suede, canvas and faux leather are a strict no no! Moreover, materials like plastic and P.U. should be your preferences for footwear.

Shoes styles like such as boots, pumps, stilettos and even snickers and loafers should be avoided as far as possible. You should go for peep-toes, thongs, floaters or slip-ons, and that too, in flats only. But, if you belong to that genre of girls who always want to keep themselves head-over-heels, you can switch over to wedges over pointed heels as they could provide you better friction and control over slippery and muddy surfaces.

Accessories for Monsoons:-

When it drizzles, you should no less than sizzle! But droplets stop you sometimes to show your panache. What is at stake the most during monsoons is your crowning glory. Your hair misbehaves the most when rains don’t go away. Frizzy, messy, sticky and what not! So, monsoons are the best time to showcase your fabulous hair accessories.

Combat your bad hair days with loads of floral hair bands, quirky hair clips and your beautiful bandanas. And if you feel shy enough to show your sticky scalp, simply go for a stylish hat. It would not only add you wow factor but also save your mane from those little drizzles.

And who can forget the role of those pretty umbrellas during rains! Unleash your style quotient with some quirky yet colorful umbrellas to match your monsoons style.

Limeroad Scrapbook Monsoons

Makeup and Skin care for Monsoons:-

Last but not the least—your skin. It shouldn’t be ignored as it tends towards breakouts, rashes and lots of other skin problems during monsoon. So, a good skincare should be needed with quality products specially meant for rains. You should follow a regular skin and hair care regime during rains.

Your makeup plays the key role to revamp your look. Keep your base minimal and breathy but play along with colors to add that adequate dose of glam in dull, mundane days. Smokey eyes, sculpted lips with bold matte colors would work wonders.

Limeroad Scrapbook Monsoons

So, girls! What are you waiting for? Go, go go and throw some lime on the road of style! Click on to their [highlight]Create Scrapbook[/highlight] bar, make some wow looks. [highlight]Create, Earn and Shop[/highlight], because it’s raining style. 🙂

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