My Dream Ride through the Eyes of a Friend, Philosopher & Guide!


A warm hello to all dreamers out there! Lets begin our Sunday on a thoughtful note. Each of us has some or the other really special people in our life who guide us selflessly in our steps to make us better individuals. Undoubtedly, that very Friend, Philosopher and Guide to me is my Mom who has given wings to my imagination inspiring me at every single stage of my life just so that I never ever settle down.


Sangeeta Mishra, my guide This post is heartily dedicated to her who has spent her entire life ever since I was born till date in mending my broken pieces striving every second of her life to make me the lady I am today. My heartfelt thanks to the Indiblogger Happy Hours that have given me an excuse to share my dream  ride with HDFC Life that just under her guidance helped me to take the world in my stride.

My Mother is the most inspiring woman in my life who’s a born fighter. She was born in an orthodox family where girls were compelled to marry in their teens. She too tied the knot at 18 and her wishes of getting higher education were shattered. But she fought with the stereotypes of society to fulfill her dreams even after marriage. Today she’s a successful journalist and still fights for the rights of women and moreover makes her two daughters realize— the power of education, independence and self-reliance.

Mother Inspiration

It is truly difficult to jot down what all this guide of mine has done for me in real sense because it’s definitely beyond what words can say. Nevertheless, I can’t stop sharing my story of being set free from the barriers that could have made me stumble in the midst of achieving my dreams. I have been born and brought up fearlessly in this dark, devil world of complexities. Here’s what this pillar of strength has bestowed upon my life!

Guide To Glory, My True Story! 

1. I have overcome all my hesitations and retained my freedom of speech to say a firm No whenever I feel so!
2. I don’t give a damn to the suppression by stereotypes of the male-dominant and conservative society!
3. I’m over from my low self esteem and have learnt to rise with dignity after every fall, fault and failure in life!
4. I’m not a prey to gender inequality and have got equal health, education, and property rights as my brother would, if I had any!
5. I’m free from lethargy and can caste my precious vote being a responsible citizen of the nation to elect the government of my choice!
6. I have attained the free spirits of a sparrow and the confidence of a tigress to face the world with sheer pride!
7. I’m free from those social barriers and need no reservations and caste certificates to achieve my goals!
8.. I’m least bothered about the moral policing and wear the dress of my choice, won’t let myself be enforced with the code of conduct by society.
9. I have kept all my fears and weaknesses aside and pledged to withstand all hurdles, deal with troubles and face the sorrows of life with an everlasting smile!
10. Last but not the least, I wouldn’t allow anyone to enforce religious practices upon me as I hereby wow to lead a life WHERE THE MIND IS WITHOUT FEAR! :’)

Mother Daughter

Finally, here’s a small gesture to express my heartfelt thanks and a bow down to the lady with a difference, my guide who has made me a woman of substance. 🙂

She whispered in my ears, those pearls of wisdom,
That made me a stronger person every fine day
She gave me that ample space in her heart’s kingdom
Our bond got eternal keeping all blues at a bay.
She nurtured me with utmost tenderness and care
Holding my little hands, she taught me to walk
She cradled me in her arms, full of love and prayers,
In her presence, I gradually learned how to talk.
It is her constant support and blessings,
That have made me the person I am today.
Her enchanting presence is still so pleasing,
Her angelic aura is here to stay.
A hint of class, a pinch of poise,
Loads of sophistication, she emits every day.
Her magic of love, care and compassion,
Meticulously portrayed in the midst of her hair grey!
The intensity of my love and respect for her,
Cannot be measured in terms of any parameter
Her moral values inscribed in my mind and heart,
Make this divine relationship even sweeter. 
A very long life and an exceptionally good health 
For her to the Almighty is all that I pray.
Thank you so much for making me stand where I am 
Blessed to be YOUR daughter, I LOVE YOU the most in my clan!