My Red Letter Day of Love in a Heartfelt Way with Cupid Games 2015!

letters of love

The most daring way to pronounce love is speaking the words of Love through heart which could pierce the clouds. It is believed that girls are quite subtle and understated in their way of expressing love. With the Love Month approaching near, I pledge to be a part of the Closeup Cupid Games 2015. Here, I step ‘[highlight]out-of-the-box[/highlight]’  and paint the town RED to convey my feelings through a poem using the red gel close-up as my ink! 😀 

I’d take up the ‘Red Dare‘ challenge by treating all the hoardings of the town as my canvas to portray my love with the tube in hand, I’d write the most beautiful Letters of Love to impress him! Speaking up ‘love’ aloud in public might be difficult but portraying the same emotions through verse for an introvert girl like me, is simple but equally daring! 😉

letters of love

I’d air this poem on Fm radio too so that the love of my life along with the whole world hears it and senses the intensity of my feelings! 🙂

To my Dearest Love,         

“Neither you were a ‘Romeo’, nor a ‘Juliet’ was I,

Rather than falling and dying in love, we rose and gave life a try! 

Let’s relive our timeless memories, where love was selfless and Par Avion,

I will cherish that time life long, as each day passes by, from dusk to dawn!

My love for you has always been a light of simplicity,
where your unconditional love was that ultimate key

And there was no lavishness to bring us together

You bestowed upon my wings, those romantic feathers!

You brought those vivid hues into my life, just by your blissful glance.

My blush and your pride together portrayed our story of true romance!

You’ve always followed me like a SHADOW, wherever I walked,

You have helped me to SHED my inhibitions whenever I talked,           

You’ve bestowed upon me— the SHADE of your tender-loving-care

 And promised to add those vivid SHADES of love in the smiles I wear!

You have always lived my dreams amidst all thick and thin;

You have wiped my tears and swapped your grin.

Still, I can’t promise you a moonlit sky and stars that twinkle,

But yes, I would to lead a simple life with you amid grey hair and wrinkles!

I owe you my numb mouth and wet eyes that utter volumes of unspoken words.
Amid your silent lips and my coy lashes, we’ve achieved the title of true ‘Love Birds’!

Thus I proudly admit hereby that I’m so very privileged to have your love that’s divine.

Together till eternity, until death us do us part, you will be cherished as my VALENTINE!” <3

With love,

Your Love!        

Let all those big platforms witness PLATONIC LOVE in an all the more bold way so that the entire world watches my passion alive! 😀