#SmartTrucking: The new Wave in the Heavy Vehicle Industry

Mahindra Blazo

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I wasted a heck of fuel when I started learning driving and today whenever I go to a petrol pump and take out a thousand rupee note out of my wallet every second day, it sucks. How the poor mileage of your old car and the rising prices of fuel disturb your budget a lot— becomes the point of discussion of every household nowadays. But have you ever thought of that not only the poor mileage of your personal vehicle, but also of those good-carriers disturb your home budget? Yes, indeed it does!

Those heavy vehicles, the trucks and buses that carry and maneuver our personal needs from their warehouses and production points to the markets near us, does influence our home budget. The more poor mileage they produce, the costlier our personal stuff becomes. And the results? We have to pay the price with extra money spent on our needs.

With changing times, automobile industry is getting a boom. Every new day, there are beautiful, user-friendly, luxurious, functional cars and bikes with top-notch brands being introduced in the market. But heavy vehicles are being neglected so far.

Mahindra Blazo
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#SmartTrucking : The age of automobile innovation

Gone are the days of ignoring those trucks and buses which, despite carrying our basic needs are still kept at stake and neglected like that of secondary vehicles, as the era of #SmartTrucking has begun. The noted automobile brand name Mahindra has come up with an idea of trucks that give better mileage, fuel efficiency, safety and superb functionality to suit the rough Indian roads. This is a new wave of technology called #SmartTrucking which includes the new era of truck engines with a solid guarantee.

This new gladiator of Indian roads is called ‘Mahindra Blazo’, the smartest of them all produced by Indian transport and technology Industry. Blazo gives you an appealing mileage without compromising on the power part, and the guarantee they offer proves it all.

This fuel smart technology is so very functional and easy that it is accessible at your finger tips. Yes, the gigantic power and the attractive mileage are mastered by a simple touch of your fingers— maneuvered through a switch.

So, the new generation of smart homes comes with cost efficient, mileage friendly good carriers which cut the cost of your food grains, vegetables, coals, cements and other raw materials for constructing buildings and plating industries and what not. The whole society is getting benefitted due to this #SmartTrucking, all thanks to Mahindra.

And the cherry on the cake is that you can avail their services by just a click of your PC, as they offer you an online claim for their cost efficient and user-friendly services.

I’m writing this blog post for the MTBD #SmartTrucking activity at BlogAdda.

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