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Taandav movie

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Life is full of convolution, turmoil and obligations but it takes immense guts to breakthrough all the barriers of that complex living. And a person who is able to attain that audacity to conquer all the emotional turbulences that he/she faces in life, emerges out as the true champion. Such is a story that The Style Symphony is gonna throw light upon today, presented by Muvizz.com, the editorial page of cinema that we have already discussed about in our earlier blog post.

Taandav movie
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About Taandav

Produced by Muvizz, directed by [highlight]Mr. Devashish Makhija[/highlight] and acted by the lead, [highlight]Manoj Bajpayee[/highlight], Taandav was premiered on 5th February at HardRock Cafe, Andheri and was released on Youtube the same day. And to utter surprise, the movie crossed 5,00,000 views in just about a week. I’m sure this remarkable landmark would make you all ponder as to what all, this 11 minutes short firm has in store for you.

Storyline of Taandav

The movie is starring Manoj Bajpayee as ‘Tamble’, the Head Constable based in Mumbai and it begins with a Ganpati Visarjan scene, where he is assigned a night long duty. This is where he undergoes an intense thought process which flashbacks into the dilemmas that he has been going through all days long in his life. His daughter couldn’t get admission in a private school just because he could not afford the donation which leads to a disappointed daughter and a pissed wife. Even after getting a bag of lump sum money, he honestly performs his duty and hands over the amount to the authorities while disagreeing with his colleagues to distribute it amongst themselves.

Standing amidst the hustle-bustle of the Visarjan, two men come up to him to sought-out their mutual argument but instead of paying heed to them, he takes out his gun and asks them to dance with him. He keeps on performing a Taandav dance in front of the entire audience and ends up in getting shot by his colleagues who record a video of him. Later he is given suspension, but the movie ends on a happy note with Tamble’s wife and kids enjoying his Taandav video uploaded on Youtube. And poor Table searches his happiness in the giggles of his family.

Taandav movie
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TSS’s take on Taandav

As the word suggests, Taandav is a dance form of Lord Shiva which signifies destruction. However, unlike the suggestive meaning, this movie goes out of the box in showcasing a Taandav of thoughts in human brain. The lead Manoj Bajpayee aka Tamble enters into a ‘trans’ state of mind with a firm determination to bust his inner stress from the daily tortures of the mundane life of a layman towards his salvation of soul. So, this is a kind of a positive Taandav with the destruction of bitter thoughts rather than the destruction of the surrounding.

And what could one expect from an 11 minute movie than this beautiful direction of Devashish Makhija who has portrayed the diverse form of human emotions with such vitality. Plus, one of the most versatile yet underrated actors of the country, Manoj Bajpayee as the lead of the movie, has proved his finesse by doing ample justice to Taandav with the deliverance of his flawless expressions and body language. His crazy Taandav postures have actually brought a fun element as well into the movie and it was a treat to watch him.

And the cherry on the cake is the fantastic sound track of [highlight]Nucleya[/highlight] that has added a local flavor to it and would instigate the viewers as well to come forth and join the Taandav. This movie depicts the struggles of the aam aadmi in true sense with his survival as the fittest amidst all the odds in life. From the aggression of dishonest constabulary to the fury of corrupt education system to the agony of distressed living, Taandav is an overwhelming movie that leaves the audiences infused into perplexed emotions.


So Symphonites, if you haven’t watched Taandav yet, you are certainly missing on some awesome-sauce as believe us or not, but this short film wouldn’t cease to amaze you with its splendid direction. Go, watch and make the most of entertainment! 🙂

You can watch the movie here!

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    Nice short film.. Great fan of Manoj Bajpai’s acting 🙂

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    Watched the short film. It’s fun. Manoj Bajpai is awesome. It proves how dance and music can take away all the stress 🙂

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