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Late Daya Shanker Mishra dad ghazal

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मुझे सुन लो ना फिरसे अनकही सी बात की तरह,
याद आते हो तुम बारहा बरसात की तरह.

जिस क़हर सी रात की कभी सुबह ना हुई,
मेरी आँखों में जागते हो उसी रात की तरह.

मेरी पलकों पे ठहरते धुले मोती जैसे,
मेरे ज़हन में बसे हो किसी जज़्बात की तरह.

तुमसे करती थी मैं कितनी ही सिरफिरी बातें,
ज़िक्र करती तुम्हारा सुलझे ख़यालात की तरह. 

खुली खिड़की से झांकती हूँ सूनी राहों को,
काश! तुम मिल ही जाओ फिर किसी सौगात की तरह.

निशां तुम्हारे ढूंढती मैं क्यों इस दुनिया में?
गुमां न था, ये है शतरंज की बिसात की तरह.

I hate Santa Claus!

It was a chilling winter morning of 20th December when he arrived at my home followed by a catastrophe. It was a Santa Doll, my 7 year old daughter was craving for since long, and the toy shop owner somehow arranged for its door delivery at my place. I was about to wake my princess up with her long desired, much awaited gift, but suddenly my land-line phone rang. I was informed that he had a cardiac arrest and was critically ill. Later, I came to know that it was false news, as he already had left for his heavenly abode by then.

I’ve written this Ghazal for my Father who left this world on 20th Dec. 1998. Christmas is a festival of merriment, but for me it’s a time to mourn my father. I lost my smile with him, but found him in my daughters’ grin. I lost my music with him, but found him in forlorn songs. I lost my gist of life with him, but found him in poetry. I lost my love with him, but found him in melancholy. I mourn him every moment, but every glimpse of Santa Claus reminds me of that fateful day. Before it ends, I wish Merry Christmas to my Dad with this Hindi Poem (Ghazal).  


  • Jayanthi Parthasarathy

    From so much pain comes such beauty (your poem)……really touching lines…….brought tears to my eyes

    • Thank you so much Jayanthi! I always feel touched when you read my poems. Since this one is too close to my heart, your comment was much awaited! Means a lot!

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    The posts which contains such big losses are always tough to go through…

    When its about some real life incidents the words and the feelings comes directly from heart whose reflection can be seen in this Ghazal, loved it a lot, specially loved the second and the last two stanzas.

    • Thank you so much
      for your kind words Jyorirmoy! It always feels special when you read my poems and appreciate.
      Glad that you liked it!

  • Max

    Dear Ms. Sangeeta,

    This is Max again.

    I can’t understand your Indian language but I can certainly figure out the kind of emotion you have shown.


    Keep writing.


    • Hi Mr. Max!
      Thank you so much for reading and dropping by everytime. Your words of appreciation means a lot, specially when you felt the gist without even understanding my language.
      I’ve already checked your website, read a couple of articles too and finding sutable matter to comment there. Will soon visit your site again and post comments there.
      Thanks again! 😊

      • Max

        Hi Ms. Mishra,

        Thank you again. I know your comment will be more than an article. I love reading your content. You have a great blog design. Can you please set up similar design for my blog too?

        My fiance wants to have a similar lifestyle blog like yours.

        Hope you will help her out.


        • Hey Mr. Max, you can ask your fiance to use ‘Vogue’ theme licensed version. Ours is the same! 🙂

  • so beautiful fabulous lines

  • Prayers _()_

  • beautiful heart touching ghazal