ये कैसी होली? : A Tanka on Holi

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ये कैसी होली?
मैंने रंगेपुते चेहरों की
हर भाषा पढ़ ली
सत्ता के दम्भ में रंगी
होली, बस उनकी हो ली |


रंगरूटों ने फिर
पहने, अजनबी चेहरे
ये कैसी होली?
हमने अपने अरमानों
की होलिका जला ली |


हरे, पीले और लाल
ऑर्गेनिक उनके गुलाल
कृत्रिम रंगों से
जलकर लाल होगये हमारे गाल
उफ़! ये कैसी होली !


This poem is a satirical portrayal of the current political scenario where the new recruits are changing their colors as well as the game. Holi is a festival of love, togetherness, happiness, joy and fun. Apart from these, humor, satire and irony are also colors of Holi. I still remember those ‘Hasya Kavi Sammelans’ held around Holi during my childhood days. Such conferences are still organized, but the fervor is missing.
This poem is based on the 5-7-5-7-7 syllable count of a tanka, keeping in mind the satirical and ironical genre of Holi poetry (though not humorous). The phrase “ये कैसी होली?” is the beginning and the end line of this poem and also falls in the middle of the middle verse.
PS: The hidden innuendos are for fun, no hard feeling though!  🙂

Sangeeta Mishra

Happy Holi Symphonites! 🔥

  • Amit Agarwal

    सार्थक और समयोचित!

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    Beautiful and poignant! Loved it 🙂

  • Good comparison. Happy Holi!

    • Thank you so much Indrani! Oops! I’m late, but better late than never. Greetings!

  • Nice to read.

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    Excellent thoughts and narration.

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    really well written