A Wailing Soul: Humanity Weeps in Haryana

haryana murthal violence

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The entire country is at shock, not only for what has happened in Haryana but also for the people denying the facts shamelessly. I mourn for the ignored ‘gang-rape victims’ of Murthal and for the people to whom humanity never existed. It’s disgusting that people of the entire state are trying to submerge the issue under the rumors of mere political outrage. 🙁

haryana murthal violence

For a state having the dubious distinction for the worst gender ratio amidst all the Indian states; second highest female foeticide and infanticide rate in India after Punjab, that day was a usual one. For a state where woman are forced into polyandry, that day was not an exception but a shame on humanity. For a state where stalwarts claim developing medicines that could alter a woman’s womb, so that she gives birth to only boys, that day was not a curse but an example.

My poem is a ‘mourning’ for those victims of Murthal gang-rape where humanity plays ‘A Wailing Woman’. :'(

SHE wept in the fields,
Amidst clothes and unmentionables
SHE cried for their deeds,
For SHE tried, but they were uncontrollable
SHE sobbed for their creed,
Savagely barbaric and fiercely unstoppable.

SHE whimpered for her,
Whose sanctity was violated
SHE saw her being dragged,
Abused, disgusted, molested
Yet SHE remained calm, an effigy
As, by them, SHE was dictated.

Though SHE was hurt but not surprised
SHE spotted her tiny soul buried in this soil,
The fragile she, splintered in the womb,
Of her mother, who, somehow, had survived
To quench their ardor of polyandry
Which they proclaimed their chivalry.

SHE grieved for them
Who refused her existence
And said proudly that “Nothing Happened”
Despite those evidences and reminiscence.
For them she was never-ever even born,
What if SHE was humanity, SHE was kept forlorn.

SHE wept in the fields of Murthal,
SHE died of their acts, so brutal… !

  • ‘SHE’ is the portrayal of humanity and ‘her’, is a woman in my poem.

Sangeeta Mishra

  • It is such a shame that these things keep happening Sangeeta, it feels as if the basic rights are so easily violated..

    • Truly said Vinay. Such disgusting incident still happen and we are not safe even after so many years if independence.

  • Jyothi D’mello

    I could never understand why our country cannot take a stricter stand for such a shameful and heinous act. Education or no Education, Rape is an act against nature. I just hope that though everyone is trying to keep it under wraps, the victims find courage and support to expose the truth and find justice not only for themselves but for every women in India.

    • Well said Jyothi. But seeing the structure of the society, It’s really difficult for those women to be courageous enough to expose the culprits. The entire system and even our law disgust women first during the course of justice. They have to face millions of frowns and criticism before the culprits get punished.
      We all are responsible less or more for this ill and stale structure of society. But it’s great that, at least, the youth of today is coming up with a changed voice.

  • Hurt to the core for it happens again and again, your poem touched my heart.

    • Truly said Shweta. No matter how progressive we claim ourselves, how educated we are, still such incidents occur again and again and prove how barbaric we have become. 🙁

  • heart wrenching poem bringing out the pain of those suffered in this inhuman act of violence

  • Cornelia Slobodeniuc

    Enjoyed to read this poem. Very beautyful and soul tuching! http://www.anemary.ro/

  • I wish I could say that it’s a good poem, but since the incident behind it is the worst of its kind. The incident itself was loathsome and despairing. Only if the humans were a little more human, and less animal, world would have been much better place. But, it isn’t. You’re right; humanity died of their brutal acts. And it dies again and again each day.
    You’ve written the poem well.

    • No words are capable to disgust such shameful incident. So, I can’t even express my gratitude for this, and this poem, or rather say ‘mourn’ isn’t capable enough to express the agony of the victims in true sense.
      I would rather thank you for understanding the pain of those women.

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Such a heart wrenching poem. It almost moved me to tears. I cannot comprehend how people can stoop so low. :'(
    Beautifully written, Ma’am

    • Rightly said Purba. After such a heinous crime, even educated people are denying it. This is so disgusting and saddening. It fills my heart with deep pain. 🙁

  • Saru

    This makes me angry and I wonder what we have become. Moving poem. I hate what all is happening in the name of few seats. We are not developing, we are becoming barbaric day-by-day.

    • This is so pathetic Saru. I cried the day when I heard the News, but my blood started boiling when I heard a youth from the state (a self proclaimed proud Haryanavi and a blogger himself) saying,– “This is nothing but an attempt to defame my state”. That very moment I decided to write this post.
      It’s seriously disgusting, how could someone even think of prestige & fame in front of such brutal act. Inhuman and barbaric indeed. 🙁

  • Priyanka

    Very sad. Can’t imagine how disgusting people can get.

    • Yes Priyanka, The way people are inhuman, uncultured people doing such barbaric act, and the educated ones trying to hide it behind polity is disgusting. 🙁

  • Poignant…!!!

    • The incident was so shameful and people ignoring it are shameless. :'(

  • Any word would be very little to condemn it.

    • Very true Ravish. This incident is so disgusting that nothing is sufficient to rebuke it.

  • You have give voice to those unheard cry very realistically.

    • I tried, but no words can give ample justice to the victims. At least the culprits should be punished at the earliest.

  • melancholic…. I have no more words!

  • Well, this is a touching poem, amazingly framed and meaningful. But, all this is aside and your spirit Sangeeta ji, i wanna salute it for the voice of it can be heard by me now in this post. That anguish i can feel it, am deeply down when i heard the news, some are in light and some are never even known. Humanity meaning is to be searched in the society among such beasts, ruthless and immorals. Materializing woman is what they do, your poem depicted the agony and the pain of each victim, she can’t open her mouth, she can’t come into the world and explain. Every feeling must die inside her, am ashamed to be the living one on this kind of earth, where humans disgrace humanity. Thank you for sharing the poem Sangeeta ji, at least this will open the eyes of so called law and of those evils.

    • Yes Prasanna, me too was so hurt when I heard the News and cried literally. But what made my blood boil when I heard a self-proclaimed Great Haryanavi (blogger too) saying that “these are mere rumors and such things never happened in his great state”.
      Such people keep their prestige and reputation over other’s pain, and I felt his statement, the greatest abuse on humanity.
      And no words can heal the pain of the victims, but at least we, the educated people can shed our guilt of not making any change, or not helping bringing in justice, by writing some empathetic words.
      Today I would not thank you for your appreciation but for your concern and your feeings for those victims.
      Wish justice prevails and the victims get it soon. 🙁

      • A real education is that which confess the mistakes and try to correct them. If knowledge is used as a shield to protect such actions, it has no meaning, no matter what how much they own it. It’s a shame. I’ll be making a post on this issue too Sangeeta ji. My blood is running with speed in my nerves since i read this.

        • Truly said Prasanna. Education brings in responsibility. If an educated person does the same crime as an ignorant one, he should be considered more guilty. By protecting such heinous crime they have proved even more barbaric than the criminals. It’s so disturbing that I can’t even dare to talk such people again in my life.
          Waiting for your post to be written and live.