Apple iPhone X Review 📱 : An Honest User Approach compared to previous iPhones

iPhone X Review

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Being an Apple fan since my teen days, I have had owned the iPod Nano, iPod shuffle, iPad mini, iPhone 6 so far. I was waiting to buy iPhone X for myself ever since the rumors about the next iPhone started flourishing last year for the upcoming 10th anniversary of apple. Only the iPhone X (iPhone 10) model was not known specifically but everyone did expect the launch of the next handset of the iPhone series, iPhone 8 that time.

However, soon after watching the live broadcast of the 10th anniversary Apple event on 12th September, 17 where the special surprise element, iPhone X was unveiled, I had decided that time itself to hands-on the beauty soon after its launch. And after being officially launched on 3rd Nov, 2017, I finally got to own the game-changing device a week back and I’m all set to face the future with the ‘God of Gadgets‘— iPhone X. 📲  PS: It’s true that I am an ardent admirer of their products but not a blind worshipper of Apple by anyway. So being a passionate poet, believe on my attachment for alliterations that I used the word ‘God’ for addressing iPhone X. 🙊

A post shared by The Style Symphony (@maitrenimishra) on I wot be explaining each and every feature here as the device is extremely diverse and it’s next to impossible to include each and everything in a single review. You can read other blog or go to the Apple website to find out about all the relevant information about iPhone X. Here I would be focusing primarily on how a particular feature works on my handset. So, here you go! 😀Pros of iPhone X 👍🏾


1: Bezel-less design has made it both classy & sturdy despite the glass body. Although, the phone is heavier than all the previous iPhone models (not that sleek) launched till date, the curvy edge makes it pretty sleek and elegant. Few people on the web have complained about the glass screen breaking in a single drop but I’ve no comments as I haven’t dropped it yet nor am I going to deliberately try that. 😛 On a serious note, I am quite satisfied keeping it even in a silicon cover so a better protective case is more than sufficient to keep it secure for that matter.

2: Animoji (Animal + Emojis) is quite a unique concept and makes it super cool and exciting. When you’re done with the day and want some fun element in life, just make faces, speak up, sing your heart out and the Animojis would emote and do the rest! I often post animoji stories on my social channels so you can check out my Facebook, Insta & WhatsApp stories and enjoy. 😀

3: Outstanding audio quality with amazing speaker performance. PS: The music I hear is sometimes so loud at full volume that I need to lower it to 3,4 levels to calmly hear and enjoy the beats. 😛 The electronic and bass music can be too harsh to ears on the highest volume of iPhone X.

4: Apple is well known for its camera quality since ages no doubt! Every new model launched gets better with this! Likewise, iPhone X with dual rear cameras has excellent camera quality way better than all the previous brethren. Especially, the Portrait mode with best results using the Bokeh effect (blur the background while focusing on the object to stand out) giving a tough competition to average medium-range DSLRs! I used the word ‘average’ because nothing can beat the performance of high-end DSLRs of course, still from the perspective of a phone, the results are what can never be expected from others. Even the normal camera mode has great aperture finesse. Best Instagram partners, I must say! 😉

Apple iPhone X Review Sangeeta Mishra Portrait Camera Mode bokeh effect

Since, Apple has added flash to its camera this time, even the pictures clicked in low light look great. Studio light is another very interesting attribute of iPhone X transforming a normal photo into a dim light studio set up by converting the entire background black and highlighting the subject. But, this would only give good results if the picture is clicked in real time using the filter which means if you click a pic already and try applying the studio filter by editing the mode (which is possible) it won’t give much accurate results. Few parts of the dark hair with shading is likely to merge with the black background and spoil the original picture. So, it’s recommended to use that studio mode originally while clicking the pic rather than editing later on.

Apple iPhone X Review Sangeeta Mishra studio light camera mode

5: Now the main issue that most people are facing, “Home Button missing’! Well, I really don’t think this should be addressed as an ‘issue’. In fact that’s the aspect I loved the most about iPhone X. The screen gets bigger and better. It is all the more cooler to watch pictures and videos on the enlarged OLED screen of the handset. Moreover, it’s a totally seamless experience while switching between apps with the removal of Home button. Trust me, but the OLED screen gives an outstanding visual experience on the iPhone X which you would never get on any other Smartphone.


6: Size of iPhone X falls somewhere between iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 plus. Neither too small nor too big to fit in the jeans pocket… exactly what anyone would prefer.

  1. Although it has a giant memory of iPhone X which has the 64 GB & 256 GB variants to offer (sufficient enough), the best part is that you can now use the ‘Offload apps’ to clean up junk memory of the frequently used apps. Offloading apps would not affect the apps’ data and documents and in fact free up a lot of space when you are out of storage.

8: A prominent feature called Face Id aka facial recognition has now been introduced in iPhone X which replaced the Touch ID (fingerprint scanner) in the previous iPhones. Well, you must be reading a lot of jokes and watching memes around this feature. Only if you keep the ‘makeup and sunglasses’ jokes aside, Face ID works wonders in unlocking the phone provided you fit/angle your face better in front of the camera while trying to unlock.

In my case, it works just perfectly fine… only a few times it took a little longer to recognize my face while unlocking that’s because I had initially scanned my face in low light (unboxed the phone at night after receiving). But, when I removed my facial traces and re-scanned my face in broad day light the next day, the time lapse issue has been resolved since then. And unlike the previous iPhones, you need not necessarily click the power button to switch on your phone’s screen to unlock. You can simple tap on the screen with your finger and it’s on and ready to read your face.

iPhone X review Face ID screenshot Another great aspect of the Face ID is the ‘Attention Awareness’. By switching this option on, your iPhone X would need you to concentrate and properly look at your iPhone screen to unlock. (PS: I think this makes use of your retina more than your facial gestures) This is indeed good if you have your naughty siblings who might take your phone you are fast asleep and attempt to cunningly unlock your phone by placing it in front of your face. 😛 Well, they will certainly fail as you need to look at your phone for that! 😉

9: Taking screenshots is super easy and fun on the iPhone X. In the previous iPhones, one needed to press the home button at the bottom followed by the power button at the right. This was a bit tedious, as honestly I used to screw up a couple of times on my iPhone where the screen used to lock if there was even a slightest lapse in pressing the power button. However, in iPhone X, the procedure is absolutely hassle-free as you can press both the upper volume key (at the left) and power button (at the right) together to quickly take a screen-cap which even offers cool customizable editing options where you can crop, doodle, etc.

10: Another interesting thing to be noted which sets iPhone X apart from all the previous iPhone series is the notification bar on the screen when the phone screen is off. While the handset screen brightens up with notifications during unlocked state, you can just see the platform/app on which you have a new notification rather than the details. However, soon as you unlock it with your face, you can see all the details regarding the notis. This wasn’t the scenario in my iPhone 6 and I could see all the details of the notis even in the locked state like who followed you on a particular social platform, who liked/commented on your posts, who sent you a message, etc… I found this change really useful in the iPhone X as my privacy is protected while I am present in a public gathering. 🙂

iPhone X review screen notifications bar 11: Last but not the least, this time Apple has taken the battery life of its iPhone up to a notch. In most of the Android Vs. iOS tug-of-wars, Android wins when it comes to battery as the iPhone battery drains out pretty fast. However, for a change, Apple has worked a great hand this time to enhance their battery performance in iPhone X and my phone sustains a whole day long even after continuous use and works longer even at 1% battery without getting switched off. Moreover, my phone’s battery takes about 15 minutes to drop by 1% while using the screen and apps continuously. Isn’t it fab? 😀

Cons of iPhone X 👎🏾:

1: Despite that the battery is good enough (as discussed above), the charging process doesn’t fit the bill. The normal charger that the iPhone X comes with is barely efficient and charges way too slow. Also, the adapter (not the phone) often heats up while on charge. I think this is a tactics so that iPhone X users get the wireless charging plate recommended by Apple ASAP that claims to charge up to 100% in just 15 minutes. I am yet to get that for myself.

2: Unlike the previous iPhones, this time also (iPhone 7 onwards) Apple has not given room to earphone jacks on iPhone X. Well, I seriously miss that as all my spare earplugs (of different brands 😛 ) that used to work with my iPhone 6 are useless now. :/ So, Apple again recommends buying the Bluetooth headsets aka Wireless Airpods for the same.

Apple iPhone X Review WhatsApp story 3: Now this is an ‘interesting drawback’ of the iPhone X for social butterflies like me, thanks to the big screen without the home button. The stories (on Instagram, WhatsApp & Facebook) look weird sometimes. The pictures expand in such a way that the text on them gets pixelated and most of them at the corners are not visible (Mostly in the case of quote stories and screenshots).

Same goes with screenshots the other way round… if an Android user shares a SS with you it will get condensed into a thin long chip with a scroll bar which is again tedious to read. However, the same screenshots and my stories appear normal on other phones. So, don’t worry the entire picture would be properly visible to your, the problem just happens in watching/reading it properly from iPhone X.

4: I sometimes don’t realize why my phone automatically goes on a silent mode from the normal. Well, I am used to this as I had the same problem with my previous iPhone 6 too (not sure if others faced this) which used to become silent automatically after receiving 8-10 incoming calls. iPhone does behave weird on that part.

5: Unlike the iPhone 7 that claimed to survive even amidst water, iPhone X can barely sustain moisture but might screw up if dropped in water. Remember, it’s water resistant but not water-proof at all.

6: Now this is a universal drawback of all the iPhone models till date including iPhone X. The face ID (in iPhone X) and fingerprint sensor (in my previous iPhone 6) only work when the device keeps on being used. However, every time your iPhone is restarted, (well, another demerit in all iPhones that they don’t offer a restart button but only switch off and then manually switch on unlike Androids) you need to enter the Passcode (preset password) to unlock it and none of the fancy unlocking mechanisms like Face ID or fingerprint scanner would work when the phone is freshly switched on. Once you unlock it with Passcode the first time, after that the other unlocking functions keep working when the screen goes off. I really don’t understand why Apple has made this mandatory, might be due to some security reasons but I am just wildly guessing as I have no clue. Do let me know in the comments below if you are aware of the reason. 🙂

So Symphonites, this was my personal take on iPhone X which is purely my own perspective based on user experience with the device. This blog post has been written after 1 week use of iPhone X and my opinion may vary from other users. So, if you are also looking to buy iPhone X in near future, feel free to shoot out your questions and queries (if any) related to the device in the comments below and I’d be happy to address your concerns. I would soon be updating this blog with some more interesting features once I use the device for some more days. Till then, stay tuned and thanks for giving this a thorough read peeps! 🙂

  • Honest review, right from beginning, I stick to the post to see what comes next.
    I was planning to buy X, But now I am waiting for the next version in X series. I dont want to miss touch ID. A rumor I came to know that may be in coming version, whole screen may embed touch ID. Fingers crossed.

    Also you can buy Belkin rockstar to charge and listen music on iPhone simultaneously. It supports both 3.5mm jack and Lightening jack. This is on my wishlst.

    Waiting to read more of you.

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    I pretty much upgrade every year (just sort of a tradition for me). I just love the experiments they do every year, some are indeed unbeatable.

  • Purba Chakraborty

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    User experience counts at the end.
    You’ll have more to share after using it for more time 🙂

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    Enjoy your new phone 😉

  • Rakesh Pandey

    When one has a device in perfect working condition, still craves for its upgraded version or another device, just because it has a few new features, one can be safely called a ‘Gizmo Freak’. I am one, but I never suspected you to be one! Shows how little we know about people we always interact with! 😀

    This was one of the most comprehensive and insightful review of a device, which detailed each and every pros and cons honestly. Usually reviews are simply disguised adverts or a vendetta against the brand, which showcase only the cons. You should try more tech reviews!

    I’m not really an Apple Fan, in spite of being a die hard fan of Steve Jobs as a person, but even I wanted to have a hands on on this beauty! A passing fancy, I hope, which was triggered by this review!

    A good one! 👌

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