Tips to Stay Healthy in an office job: An A to Z outlook

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Hectic! Isn’t it? I mean your work schedule! Waking up early in the morning, travelling to your workplace, sitting 9 to 5 on your desk, coping up with the stressful atmosphere, meeting up with your own expectations, dealing with peer pressure, handling colleagues’ mood swings and boss’s anger…. huff huff! What to do after a grueling day at work? Definitely, you are all drained out an exhausted and the comfort zone of your home turns out to be inferno if you cannot relax immediately. So, what would you choose to stay healthy after such strenuous regime? Should you slack off or find out ways to cope up with your demanding duties and stay healthy in an office job.

healthy office tips

Health problems you face in an office job!

A nerve-racking 9 to 5 office job may lead you towards many physical as well as mental health problems such as backache, stiffness, anxiety, migraine, stress, insomnia, etc. If you ignore these minor symptoms of office ailments caused by frantic office schedule, then nothing could save you from being prey to them. Severe health conditions such as arthritis, spondylitis, depression, diabetes, irregular blood pressure and even coronary artery diseases are the consequences you’ve to face due to the ignorance often occurred leading to a tough office job. How to deal with them? Let’s try it our way, the Style Symphony way.

Deal with the deadly health issues at your office!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite being excessively busy is indeed a daunting task. For that, you’ve to learn how to balance your work with discipline. Here are some of our tried and tested tips. An A to Z outlook about how to deal with health problems in an office job!

A) An Alarmed & Alert you:

Try to follow a fixed health regimen, be alert and listen to the alarming notes when your health gives you signals. Such as you are excessively tired.

B) Breakfast is a must have:

Never leave your house without having an enriching an nutritious breakfast. Do not forget to break your fast like a prince or a princess.

C) Caffeine, Coffee, Cold drinks, Cakes, say no:

Yes! Say no to these 4 Cs of cancer of your work. Cutting your sugar intake would benefit you not only with good health but also with great performance.

D) Drink loads of water:

Drink as much as you can! Yes you heard it right! Increase your water intake, drink at least 8 glasses of water to ward off toxins from body and taxing (actually you save a lot from snacking as water keeps you full thereby reduces your craving from binging).

E) Eat healthy food:

Eat healthy and nutritious food at regular intervals! Eating small meals at breaks would work wonders.

F) Fruits are the saviors:

Incorporate more and more fruits in your meals. Slack on whole fruits or fruit salads rather than snacking!

G) Goals & Guidelines for the future:

To avoid unwanted stress, set your goals and follow your own guidelines to achieve them.

H) Holidays are happiness:

Don’t let yourself be the slave of your work. Steal some happy moments & make the best of your holidays by having more and more ‘Me-time’.

I) Invest your mony:

Invest your money and be rest assured about your future endeavors. A feeling of insured future would always keep you relaxed, thereby healthy and happy.

J) Juices are essential:

Fresh juices are your best work partners than those aerated carbonated drinks.

K) Kilos of weight? ward off:

Shed those extra kilos! I mean if you’re overweight, you’ll increase your risks of having more and more fatal diseases. So, jog, run, skip or do whatever, but shun those extra kilos of fat.

L) Live life to the fullest:

Be positive. Don’t let your office environment overpower your spirit of living.

M) Manage your surroundings:

Manage your work and personal life well. Learn how to maintain the balance between the personal and professional lives by keeping both unaffected from each other.

N) Negotiate with others:

Negotiate with your colleagues in terms of helping and exchanging duties. Help them if they need and ask the same in return if you’re extremely stressed out and tired.

O) Optimism is the key:

Being optimistic is not only the key to success but also the pathway to a healthy life! Your optimism keeps you all the way on the go and you need nothing else to be healthy and happy.

P) Politeness is mandatory:

Be polite at your workplace as this virtue will surely help you having good relation and reputation there, another key factor to be healthy.

Q) Quickness is the quick-fix solution:   

Shun lethargy! Always try to stand up and walk a couple of steps here and there whenever its possible. Finish your work fast and save your time.

R) Rest is must:

Try to take a small nap whenever you feel exhausted or at least sit comfortably giving your legs proper support.

S) Sleep like a baby:

A goodnight sleep of at least 6 hours is mandatory for office goers. Proper sleep keeps your body and mind relaxed and healthy.

T) Time and tide wait for none:

Keep your time while staying ahead of time! Being punctual would help you at work front and benefit your health as well.

U) Uplift your mood:

Keep your favorite persona’s picture or any of your cherishing mementos on your work desk. It’d surely enhance your feel good factor, enlighten your spirit and revamp your mood.

V) Vigor and vitality:

Recognize your true worth and bring out the hidden energy in you! Normally, a person incorporates only 10-20% of his/her energy into work, so channelize maximum of your energy into activity an get the best out of it

W) Walk-walk-walk:

Walking is indeed the best exercise if you don’t have an extra hour and stamina for workouts. Walk whenever it’s possible, in the pavements or towards the bus-stand. Step up ahead taking the stairs rather than taking the elevators.

X) XEROX copy of others? Don’t be:

Try to maintain your individuality at your workplace. Copying others would only enhance your peer pressure and make you land in a world of workaholic clones. Let your uniqueness shine in your work and your creativity suppress your stress.

Y) YES: Adopt positivity!

Yes! I’m talking about positivity! Be positive, accept your world with a smile, and a big yes! No negative energy will affect you then.

Z) Zeal and Zest:

Be zealous about your personal and professional lives, work and environment. Accept the changes, welcome the new and shun what doesn’t suit you. Find your zest of life then only you’ll live your life the way you want, a healthy and happy you in a cozy office environment.

A 9 to 5 job is indeed tough, but staying healthy from your body, mind and soul is all what you long for, the very Style Symphony way!




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    These type of posts are very much needed to make office workers conscious about their health and how to take care.

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